Monday, June 28, 2010

Almost Forgot!

A month from this past Friday, Christen will be flying home. Of course, the prayers for this day is for a safe flight, for her to find her connecting flight safely and that God protects her during the layover also.

What did I almost forget to pray about?? Her coaches!! I was cleaning off the counter Friday night and saw a random soccer camp mailer (we get them all the time). The back had pictures of the soccer coaches of that particular camp and it hit me that I had not prayed for the coaches that will be traveling with her. I pray they are Christians and that they will be a positive influence on Christen and her teammates. I also pray for their safety and that their judgement is sound and Bible based.

I'm still praying daily for Christen and her trip. All these things I've mention here, I will continue to pray for.

Christen is feeling much better! It was an ovarian cyst and it did rupture. Poor kid, I hope and pray this is the only one she'll have to endure.

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