Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beckham to the Rescue

I really, really, really wanted to post pictures of my weekend here today, but I forgot my memory card. So..... yeah....

I figured my dog, Beckham could help me. He's a really good helper! He'll clean up bits of food that fall to the floor. Nevermind that sometimes he'll help the food get to the floor. He also still loves to test the pool water for us to make sure the temperature is just right. And just in case you don't want to get in the pool, he'll make sure you get some water too by standing right beside you while he shares the wealth and shakes.

So, without further adieu... Here's the latest mobile picture of Beckham:

Yes, that ball is way too big for his mouth, but he doesn't care!! He loves this ball. He will chase it around the house and pounce on it like a cat. He'll even stalk it... Really makes me wonder if a cat is somewhere in "the woodpile" as my grandmother would say.

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