Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vacation Bible School

This has been one CRAZY week. It seems that when VBS rolls around, the devil is just out to get me in a bad mood. And I must admit.... there were times.... moments.... where I almost let him win.

I help my Aunt teach the 2nd grade class for the VBS that our Church holds. All the kids are a blessing, but for some reason, they have been true KIDS. You know, talkative, active, busy bees.... etc, etc. It's been a little difficult to keep their attention.

But you have moments where God reminds you why you're there and why you put up with, endure, enJOY teaching those children. For example, when the class clown is very eager to say the blessing before supper and does such an awesome job. Or when a little girl is being made fun of and wrongly accused and her friend stands up to the WHOLE class to explain and asks the whole class to apologize. (that actually happened I believe I had tears in my eyes, she stood up to 12 boys and girls with no fear in her voice and without being asked, she knew what was right and she stood up for it)

Tonight is the last night of our VBS and I'm excited but a little sad too. Excited to have my nights back to myself and to start focusing on getting Christen ready for her trip. But sad because I really do enjoy being around the kids and many you never see again.


Irritable Mother said...

Ahhhh, we have VBS coming up in just over two weeks. Elizabeth and I will be leading a class together and I am looking forward to it. I love the kids, and working with my daughter just increases my joy. *grin*
But I fully understand what you're saying about the moment when they're just being KIDS. Fully. *sigh*
So very thankful God loves me through my own 'moments'.

Janna said...

Working with kids is so rewarding and soooo exhausting:)Glad you were able to be used by God.

I'm Janna Hostess of the mommy's piggy tales project and I saw your comment on Gianna's post about 2nd grade and possibly writing some of your own memories. I'll be welcoming a new group in October to record YOUR youth so please consider joining me and others at

It really is a lot of fun, and it's neat to see God's hand all throughout our lives and record that testimony for our children to see and hear.