Friday, June 11, 2010

No Set Plan

I started to write here on Friday, but one thing after another happened and somehow, some way, it's not Friday anymore! How in the world did Monday get here??

The weekend was a great one. Christen came home Friday from her Mission Trip w/ our Church. They went to Brunswick, GA and she helped with Backyard Bible Club and Beach Missions. She had such a great and blessed time. I'm so very proud of her and can't wait for the update in church. I'm hoping lots of pictures will be shown!

My mother came to town this weekend and we were able to hang out with her some. She lives in Birmingham, Al. So she's about 5hrs away from us. It was really nice spending time with her and hanging out with my family. I plan to post some pictures soon, but right now, our laptop at home isn't being very nice.

The title of this blog: No Set Plan, refers to me really not having a set thing to write about. Ever have one of those days? Just flying by the seat of your pants? That's me today! I'm making it through the day on a wing and a prayer. Whatever comes my way, my Father will handle it because that's how we roll!

Be blessed everyone because there's no other way to be.

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Irritable Mother said...

That's how we roll, too.

I'm glad Christen had a good time on the mission trip. My daughter is going on a mission trip to Cincinnati, OH this summer and I am anticipating the good things God will do in her on that trip.

Love to you,