Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekends, then and now....

Wow, this week just flew right on by. It's Friday and I have a feeling that the weekend will fly right on by too.

I remember, when I was just little younger, the weekends held so many possibilities. Now, I just rather clean house (yeah, right) and lounge.

I use to do things like this on my weekends:

This one is of me @ at race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

I still like to go out and do things, just not as much as I used to. When we do get out, it's normally to watch Christen play soccer (and now, softball). So that's enough entertainment for me most of the time. We'll be at a softball tournament this weekend (tonight and tomorrow). While I'll be there in body (and spirit if Christen gets to play!), I'll be longing to get home and do this:

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Never a dull moment...

When you have dogs, especially dogs who live inside, you never have a dull moment. I love my dogs, they are a constant source of entertainment. But many times, I find it hard to laugh while in the moment of their entertaining.

For example, it rained this past Saturday. When I let the dogs outside to "do their business" I never really thought about the rain or mud for that matter. But I did find it odd they were not clawing at the door to be let back in as quickly as they normally do. When they finally did come to the back door, I let them in, not even noticing anything wrong until I saw the tracks. MUD tracks on the floor!

I quickly shooed them outside and before hosing them off, I snapped a couple of pictures:

As you can see, they were quite happy with themselves. I admit, I was a bit annoyed at having to walk all the way to the cabana (where the waterhose is), FIND the waterhose, hold them down and hose them off (all while lightning was flashing in the distace). But looking back, it was kinda funny, and who can blame them? When's the last time YOU could play in a mud puddle??

I remember as a kid wishing for it to rain while @ my Ma & Pa's house because there would be the most awesome mudpuddles to play in. I think I would get some strange looks now if I tried to do that!

But who knows.... may be the next time I see a mud puddle, I'll make a mud pie.... Just for old times sake.... :o)

Friday, August 6, 2010

First Day of School

My baby girl is officially a Junior in High School today. Wow... doesn't seem possible to be honest. But it's true!

It really seems like just yesterday we were celebrating her 1st Birthday.

But really, it was just last week that we celebrated her 16th Birthday!

This morning, I made a point to take her picture for the first day of school. I know I've taken pictures in the past, but I haven't been consistent and I couldn't tell you where in the world those pictures are now!!

Here, she is having an intense conversation w/ Beckham while she's getting her shoes on this morning. I think she was comforting him, letting him know it was just like any other day, she would still be home in the afternoon! He was quite pitiful, as you can see below:

Brandi, on the other hand, is pretty used to the first day of school, so she knows there's nothing to worry about.

Below is the classic "first day of school" pose, minus the bookbag. I didn't make her put her bookbag over her shoulder. I didn't feel like pushing my luck. She agreed to let me take her picture, so that was good enough for me!

And her favorite part of her outfit??? Her shoes of course!!

Now I'm ready for the post first day of school update! Unfortunately, I won't get to talk to her until 5pm since she has softball practice this afternoon.

I am praying that her first day goes great and I'm also keeping all our teachers and all our students in my prayers today. They will need all the prayers they can get!! And also, those parents who are sending their children to school for the first time, I know they need prayers today too.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Christen made it home about 13hrs later than expected, but she made it home. They arrived in Newark, NJ on time Sunday, July 25th but due to bad weather, her flight to Atlanta was cancelled. But God heard our prayers and she was not alone the whole time. Two wonderful families that had been traveling with her let her stay in their hotel room Sunday night and they got her on the plane home safe and sound.

Seeing her walking to us in the airport was overwhelming. She had this look of utter relief on her face which then was followed by TEARS of relief! I must admit, I had tears of relief too. I did handle her being gone a lot better than I imagined (thanks be to God), but it sure was nice to have her back home and in my arms.

Last week flew by with all kinds of busy-ness. Christen had softball practice every morning last week and two scrimmages on Wednesday night. I had classes all day Wednesday through Friday and then half the day on Saturday. Not to mention Christen's 16th Birthday was Wednesday! We celebrated Friday night by letting her have a spend the night party, complete w/ a purple cake! Tuesday afternoon we had some down time, so I took her to a nearby town for a movie and shopping for her birthday.

She made the Varsity Softball Team!! :o) I'm so proud of her! But it means that she's going to be busy, busy!! Which means, I'll be busy, busy too! But it's all worth it. It's her first time ever playing Softball, so she has a lot to learn.

I could go on and on about last week and this week for that matter! But I'm going to end this entry with a few more Sweden pictures and of course some birthday party pictures!

This was taken at the opening ceremony.
I believe this was the view out of their hotel.

Another pretty view. This was taken after their first win. Christen is to the right of their coach who is in the red.