Thursday, June 24, 2010

Far and Away

Christen is on a youth camp/mission trip this week. She's about 5 hours away from me. My mother lives in the town where she is, but she's working in a town about 8 hours away until Friday.

I get a text from Christen last night that stated: "I feel horrible"

Now, you must know that she is not a complainer. Especially when she is at a place where she is having tons of fun. So, I knew to take that complaint to heart. After speaking with her and one of the chaperone's, we decided for her to go straight back to her dorm and sleep. If she still felt bad in the morning, they would take her to the infirmary.

I don't have to tell the mothers out there how helpless I felt at that moment. My first instinct was to hop in my car and go get her. But that really wasn't feasible. Jon was driving through there today on his way to the Star Wars Museum in Huntsville, so I knew he could check on her today.

I sent her a text her this morning. She slept a long time, but when she woke up, she still didn't feel her best. She couldn't talk much b/c she was eating breakfast. Afterward she was headed to the infirmary. So hopefully I'll hear from her soon.

This is what I worry about happening while she's in Sweden. At least we're only 5 hours away right now. But I have to stay strong in my faith that God will take care of her. She has a wonderful Father who loves her and will protect her. I need to keep that in my heart.

So, my prayer for this day next month is the same that I'm praying for today. I pray for God to keep her safe and healthy and feeling well.

***Just found out my mom IS back in town. So if Christen needs her, she can be there for her! God, you are awesome!! You answered my prayer and I praise You for it!!

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