Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend ReCap

This weekend just flew right on by! 

This past Saturday I got a lot done!  And I was able to get it done all on my own time. 

No rushing...  ahhhh....  love it when I don't have to rush...

I got most of my Christmas decorations out...  The tree still needs some ornaments, but we'll get that done tonight. 

I made cake pops for the Petra Choir!  More specifically for one Petra Choir member: Emily.  Her birthday is on the 30th. 

The Sunday before one of the kid's birthdays, I like to make them something special to celebrate. 

Normally, I make cupcakes but I ran out of the individual cup cake boxes and Walmart ran out too. 
The closest Hobby Lobby or Michaels is about 45min away...  so.... 

I made cake pops!

For the first time!

(oh, and if you get the .96 box that is "perfect" for cake pops..  be warned that it will make just 12 pops. 
So if you need more, I suggest getting a bigger box...  or at least TWO boxes)

And I forgot to get a picture of the after...  sorry...

We CAN pretend they turned out like this:

(picture and pin can be found HERE)

And to be honest, they kinda looked like that...  just with multi-colored sprinkles... 

oh, I didn't get the chocolate/vanilla candy to cover the WHOLE pop... 

But that's cool because:

They were a hit!  So I do believe I will add that to my rotation of birthday treats. 

I got to spend some quality time with the cutest 3yr old in the world!

Cam is a trip!!

He loves any and all things that GO!  Oh, and he loves anything that will "hook" onto anything else. 

When he found out my Dad drives a backhoe for his job, he started calling him "Backhoe Danny". 

Here he's saying: "Take a PEEKture of my trucks.  Wait, lemmee get in it"

Make sure to come back tomorrow.  I'm guest posting for Holly over at "A Little Bit of Life". 
I'm going to show you a great tutorial for some cute Christmas Art. YAY!!  :o)

Go check her out today!  I'm sure she'll be posting about something funny and cool.  :o)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

What kind of fun did you get into? 

Did you brave the Black Friday Sales?? 

Or did you do like me and shop online??

Oh, and speaking of shopping online...  I purchased a one of a kind, hand stamped piece of awesomeness from Nic's Sweet Tea Shoppe on Etsy for Christen.  You have GOT to go check her store out.  Not only is Nic THE sweetest person EVA, her jewelry is so pretty and custom and awesome. 

I can't wait to see the necklace for Christen. 

Happy Monday Everyone!  Can't wait to read all about your weekends!  :o)

And don't forget to join me tomorrow over at "A Little Bit of Life" blog! 
Can't wait to show you my Chrsitmas craft!

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Shell said...

I haven't had luck making cake pops. Mine tasted gross. Like playdoh. LOL

Holly said...

I have not made cake pops yet but I do love to eat them! ;) I am super excited about your post tomorrow!

stephanie said...

oooh cakepops sound delish!! love your holiday decor :)

@therebelchick said...

It looks like you had an awesome weekend! The first time I made cake pops, the entire family begged for more! They are so fun to make!

Holly said...

so were the cake pops easy? i have been dying to make them but I am a little nervous!

The Naked Mother said...

"Backhoe Danny" cracked me up. My niece started calling my father-in-law Papa Horsey since she always rode horses at his ranch and it stuck.