Friday, November 4, 2011


Wow...  November ALREADY???  This week flew right on by.  With Halloween and then me not feeling my best with a migraine that held on for what seemed like forever, I'm ready for the weekend!

Okay, I'm linking up with Jeannett from Life Rearranged for Instagram Friday!
Capturing the everyday moments of my week. I hope you will too!!

I've discovered other editing apps that go along great with Instagram. 
I find that the scene I view through my eyes will be a little brighter than what comes up on the camera. 
So I LOVE editing apps that help bring out the colors that are there. 

I got 14 mini pumpkins the other day at the pumpkin patch. 
Jessica had a great time painting some of them the other night.  She kills me! 
She wanted each pumpkin to be "scary".  I think she accomplished that. 
One had a vampire, a zombie, a witch, a demon and...  a sunshine.  Crazy kid. 

SO happy the weather is finally cool enough to wear shoes.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my flip flops, but there's just something great about NOT having to make sure my toes are painted and suitable to be viewed by others.  Yes, I'm a bit lazy. 

Speaking of lazy.....   Seems like my doggies love to sleep.  That's okay though, so do I.  ;o)

I made this in honor of Prostate Cancer Awareness.  I plan to give it away to a young lady who has a passion to make everyone aware of Prostate Cancer.  Her father passed away from it and she doesn't want anyone else to lose their life. 
I admire her passion and drive and wanted to make something for her to show my support. 
My father is a survivor as well as my uncle.  It's a cause dear to my heart.   

Well...  I reckon they don't sleep ALL the time. 
Beckham pretty much clears the steps when called.  Can you find Brandi??

My Mom and I set up a booth in a local store.  This is the first dollar I made! 
My friend bought one of my "it is well" pendant necklaces and she left me this dollar to keep.  I love her!!

This little cutie and her momma and daddy came by to see us last night. 
You may remember her from this post.  She's grown so much!
So glad they came by. I was not in the best of moods before they showed up. 
Babies can put me a great mood.  :o) 

Cue the tears, the waterworks, etc.  We went up to the school yesterday to order her cap and gown and grad announcements.  The reason why I was in an ill mood.  Nothing like being told last minute about it.  So I had to fill out the forms while we were there instead of filling them out at home then handing them in.  Nope..  we had to stand in line.  I'm not a patient person.  So, mix that with the fact that we were ORDERING HER CAP AND GOWN, reality set in and my mood turned sour.  Don't worry, I bucked up.  Oh, and she hates to have her picture taken.  So I turn my mom-guilt on her to get her to smile.  "It's your SENIOR YEAR, you're DEPRIVING me of MEMORIES!!"  haha!   Yes, I actually say that.    

Okay!  Your turn!  I want to see what you've been up to. 
What kinds of memories did you capture this week on your camera phone?? 

life rearranged

What I'm thankful for:

6.  cooler weather, even though I'm sure this time next month I'll be ready for summer again
7.  awesome friends who support you no matter what
8. a wonderful mother who tells you like it is and loves you through it all
9. babies!  I love babies and I'm so thankful for friends who have babies that I can love on, then give back
10. blogging.  getting to know women/friends I may never have met.  God is so good to give us this outlet to meet, encourage and BE encouraged


Nicole [The Lovely Poppy] said...

love all the pics. bailey is a cockapoo

Becky said...

The necklace is so prettiful.. It is great that you do things like that for your friends and make them feel special

shirley said...

Great series of pictures! What apps do you like using the most? I end up using the Camera+ app for enhancements.

The Morris Family said...

I know what you mean about giving up the flip flops!!! I love flip flops!!!! but its too cold now!!!

Love the scenery pics!!!

stephanie said...

cute puppies!! congrats on the first dollar made :)

Lauren {whimsy lane} said...

Love it! I am now following so yours is working now! Gives me hope!


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Your dogs look so comfy. Glad you guilted your beautiful daughter into a smile. :)

Anonymous said...

Its Crystal from OD! I was missing you on OD so I stalk your blogs every now and then, just want to say I LOOOOVE the necklace.
oh and I love that one pic you have of your dog running through the air! its so funny! lol