Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Adventures in Yard Sales

My Mom and I went to yard sales this past Saturday.  We had the best time!  She drove, I navigated.  And we both decided that next time, we need to get up a little earlier.  We both got some pretty good deals.  

And my Mom found out that I'm NOT a barginer.  I don't like to haggle with price.  I will gladly pay whatever is on the sticker.  Unless I just bought a BUNCH of stuff and then, and only then, will I ask for a "bulk" price.  But it never really saves me much even then.  

So yeah, next time, my Mom will be in charge of bargining with the seller.  I'll just hand her my money, tell her what I like and let her do it. 

She tells me that's the fun in going to yard sales!  To bargin with the seller to get the best price.  I say to her, have at it!  :o)

Most of the "yards" we went to were right on the street, easy to see.  But then there was one, that made you feel like you were going on an adventure.  You could barely see the house from all the trees.  It looks like it was buried in a forest. 

Thankfully there were signs helping us along the way. 
Believe me, we would have gotten lost otherwise.   

Do you see the friendly face?  Scared me for a second.   

Almost there!  This property was so pretty. 
Like living smack-dab in the middle of the woods. 
Jon would have loved it. 

So glad we braved that trail!  Because otherwise, I would have missed out on this. 
And I didn't even have to get my Mom to haggle the price for me!  It was only $20.00!!!!!  It's supposed to be in working condition.  The lenses are emmaculate.  I haven't tried it out yet, but I plan to very, very soon.  I love cameras and the Canon AE-1 Program is one I'm always keeping a lookout for.  

My Mom got this for just $5!! 
All the trim and drawer facings are pine and the rest is heavy duty MDF. 
The hardware is what I love.  Should have gotten a better pic of the hardware. 

  And I scored this for just $5.  It's a tad taller than the end table above. 
I plan on stripping it, painting it and using it for storage in my office. 

I also got some picture frames, a shadow box, a turquoise pyrex refridgerator dish, two vintagey luggage pieces, and a kids chair. 

More than the great deals we both got, I really enjoyed the morning just being with my Mom.  I'm so happy she's still living here in our hometown.  I hope this is something we can do together and enjoy on a regular basis. 

What kind of activities do you LOVE to do with your Mom, daughter or other family member/friend? 

31. cool mornings
32. breezy days
33. unexpected paths
34. mother/daughter time
35. treasures found


Shell said...

Great deals!

I'm horrible at haggling.

Probably b/c I've had sales where I was asking $10 for something and the person asks if I'll take a quarter for it. Drives me insane.

stephanie said...

ha! I'm with you I'm not a bargainer- I never want to hurt someones feelings lol

Becky said...

yard sales just aren't the same for me without mama.. we go almost every saturday (unless there are only 2)..this past saturday mama had to take her dogs to the vet...so Danny went w me.. nice to have time with the hubby but just not the same as going with mama... and i don't talk ppl down either.. that is mama's job.. and she is good at it...

nic said...

that camera! be still, my heart. our yard sale season is over because of the cold, but oh how i love rooting through other people's detritus.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

How wonderful you got to spend time with your mom. I wish mine was closer. And I'm so impressed with your finds!

Irritable Mother said...

I'm surprised there was no admission fee for the house behind all the trees. They could've made some money by charging for the nice walk. *wink*
I love finding deals, too. Unfortunately, I am not good at yard sale-ing. I just don't have the eye for potential. That is, seeing something and recognizing that I could strip it, paint it, and use it here-or-there. Definitley need a buddy with me for that stuff!

And regarding thankful thing 31: I am thankful for my special blanket in which I wrap up on cool mornings! :o)