Thursday, November 17, 2011

Love Stuff and a Pinterest Party!

Hoooweee...  Got a lot going on. 

You wouldn't know it to see me in the afternoons though.  Chillin' like I have nothing to do. 


Storms came through last night, in the atmosphere and in my heart.  Praying for situations to clear and for solutions and attitudes to become as bright as the sun is today. 

Mothers out there, don't you just wish you could hug your kids so tight, they could literally feel and see what you feel and see, and totally understand why we do what we do for them?  Or that they could totally understand why we say "no" sometimes?   

I do.  I wish that.  I wish that with all my heart. 

But I know only time and God will give her that understanding.  So for now, I will take the little pieces of love, the "I'm sorries" that come after a night like last night and I will continue to hug that girl of mine even if it never brings her to understand.  Because I love that girl, because I would do anything for her. 

Okay, tears dried. 

Did I mention a party in my header?  I did?  Oh yeah... 

Stephanie over at The McCalls and Nicole from Bean are hosting a Pin-ter-vention party! 

So stop pinning and start doing!  It's their motto!

I've got some ideas for this party...  So far two projects that I've pinned in the past have popped in my head that I really want to get crackin' on!

I hope you can join in too! 

Because, you know, the more at a party, the merrier...  or something like that. 

So, get to work "doing" and head on over to The McCalls on Tuesday, November 22 and share what you've done. 
Can't wait to see all the creativeness in one spot!  :o)  

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WhisperingWriter said...

I have no creativity. I mean, I can write stuff but I can't MAKE stuff. I've tried. It's not pretty.

Sandra said...

I'm signed up to Pinterest. I'm scared to really embark upon the Pinterest journey as i currently have a scrapbook that needs to be tackled. Pinterest would only give me another reason to stuff the scrapbook in the drawer!

stephanie said...

yay!! thanks for blogging about this :) I am so excited!!