Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

I'm linking with Amber again for "Hey, It's Okay Tuesday"!!  She got the idea from Glamour Magazine. Apparently, they have a section called: "Hey, It's Okay" and they list a lot of things that it's okay to be "okay" about.  So, here it goes!

It's Okay

to have forgotten to list the things I'm thankful for on my last post.  I'm making up for it today by posting 10 things!

for the Duggar's to be expecting baby #20.  Seriously, it's really okay.  From what I can tell, they are not on public assistance, the grown-ups all contribute to society and so far, none of their kids look physically or emotionally damaged.  As a matter of fact, they are probably the most well adjusted family that participates in reality TV.  And really, I would dare say, they are the most well adjusted family that's NOT on TV.  I truly do love the Duggars and I admire Michelle. 

to be REALLY excited about the sandwich I'm having for lunch.  I've learned to not preassemble my sandwich if I take it to work for lunch.  Otherwise, the lettuce and pickles makes the bread soggy.  Yuck. 

to have found out our local Christian radio station streams online! yay!

to be REALLY excited that my Erin Condren Year-Round Notebook should be here by Friday. 

to have sighed a huge sigh of relief when my mother's side of the family agreed not to exchange presents this year.  Right now, we're up to a count of 17.  For as long as I can remember everyone got everyone something for Christmas.  It was okay when I was little, the family wasn't very big then.  But almost all the grandkids are old enough to marry and have families.  You start adding wives/husbands/kids to 17 and it just gets out of control.  Also, it will reduce A LOT of stress for many of us. 

to have been the one to initiate the "no gift giving" idea.  ;o)

Alrighty, your turn!  Go link up so we can see what you're okay about!  :o)


11. a forgiving God
12.  Jesus as my Lord and Saviour
13. a daughter with a stomach of steel who just confirmed to everyone she will rock as a forensic pathologist
14.  friends who write on my FB wall, text or call just to say "hey"
15.  a Daddy that no matter what, is who he is
16. art
17. to live in the south, even though many days I would say I'm not so thankful for it, I really, truly am
18. music that truly speaks to me
19. friends who pray for me
20. my furry babies, Brandi and Beckham, they make life fun


Megan said...

I love how you make your sandwich! I have always had the same problem but never thought to do that! I am also very excited I have a life planner come from Erin Condren for my mom and cannot wait to see it, even though it is a gift for her....

WhisperingWriter said...

Yum, I like sandwiches if made right.

I like the Duggars but it's a shame the older kids are stuck watching the younger ones.

Shell said...

Sooo much easier to go to a no-gift policy after a family gets to a certain size!

stephanie said...

so smart with the sandwich! and I LOVE my erin condren planner :)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I am in awe of the Duggars. I saw all of them on TV the other day and just thought WOW. I'm struggling with my four! And I also get excited about sandwiches. Sometimes they just hit the spot. :)

Love these posts!