Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stepping Out On Faith

First things first, my Mother is having a hard time dealing with the changes that have come her way.  Please keep her in your prayers.  She has a strong faith in our Lord so I know the prayers will be felt.  Thank you.  :o)

Well...  I got some of my supplies in.  And I started on my pendant necklaces.  I got the idea from FarmgirlPaints.  (you MUST check out her Etsy store.  She makes the coolest leather cuffs, original artwork and glass tile necklaces) She uses the glass tiles, and at first, I did too.  I would make some for my girls at church when they would be saved and baptized. 

One day while browsing through Etsy, I discovered pendant trays and fell in love!  I must admit...  it's not easy.  But then again, most things that are worth your while are NOT easy...  otherwise...  everyone would do it.  Right?  Right.

I have another package coming, hopefully today, that will help smooth things over.  My main trouble??  Bubbles.  And you know what? 

Those little suckers are SO sneaky!  I can set my pendants, clear it of all bubbles, go to bed, wake up...  and those sneaky little buggers are just sitting there in my pendants all smug...  little bubbles, just taunting me... 

But that's okay.  I'll fix them.  I have a plan!

So...  I'm stepping out on faith that my Esty shop will be successful.  I'm not expecting my store to be sold out overnight (that would be awesome though...  wouldn't it?).  I'm stepping out on faith that God will take care of it and I will get out of it what HE wants me to get out of it. 

Once I get my products set and worthy enough of being sold..  I'm going to launch my new blog and have a giveaway!  More on that later...  until then, enjoy the pictures of my bubble-tastic pendants.  HA!

(I would love to hear feedback...  good or bad, just honest feedback)  Thanks!

 (this one WOULD have been my favorite b/c my favorite color is GREEN and I LOVE to SING!!  but those sneaky bubbles had to go and rain on my parade)


nic said...

those are very cool, and i love the phrases you've chosen. honestly, i'm not sure i would have even noticed the bubbles!

praying for your mom. i imagine this is a difficult time, but i'm praying she will find joy in the midst of all of this.

Megan said...

Annoying bubbles - don't worry, you'll conquer them eventually! And I'll pray for your mom!

Amy said...

I think these are very cool! With or without bubbles. :)