Friday, January 14, 2011


First things first.  My Mom did get her "pink slip" on Wednesday.  BUT (you knew that was coming right??) ...  GOD IS GOOD!  ALL the time.  She got a decent severance package, which she was NOT expecting.  And there may be something opening HERE soon.  It's still scary for her but that's ok.  God has her, He knows what's best.    :o) 

Okay...  now on to the entry:

Changes are a'comin'.  New name and new blog for one.  I'm opening up an Etsy shop soon and I want to make sure my blog identifies with the shop and vice-versa. 

The new blog will NOT become all about my shop though.  I'm still here to blog about my life, being a Christian, mother, wife, etc.  (and I'll keep this blog up, with my last post linking to my new blog, once it's up and running)

My daughter is graduating next year...  so the "Un-Soccer Mom" title will soon be something that really doesn't fit anymore.  I know she will continue to play soccer in college (praying & fingers crossed!!), but when your kid is in college, I don't think the term "soccer mom" fits anymore.   

I'm also going to start advertising my blog a bit more, in hopes of getting lots of traffic to my Etsy store (gotta pay for that college tuition some how!). I've got my work cut out for me, especially since I have an 8:30-5:30, M-F job.  BUT, I'm excited!  (so if any of you have any wonderful knowledge to pass my way about how to get more readers, I will be forever grateful, please...  do tell!)

What will I be selling you ask?  Well...  for starters, custom pendant necklaces and original artwork.  I've always been interested in making jewelry (which is odd b/c I don't like to actually WEAR jewelry, the only pieces I wear are my cross necklace and my wedding/engagement rings).  I've done work with beads, glass tiles, etc.  But this pendant jewelry has really caught my eye.  I hope to reveal some pieces soon. 

I've always loved to paint.  And I plan to just start painting up a storm!  Recently, I've gravitated to acrylics, but hope to add oils to my mediums. 

Once I get those items stocked, I plan to try my hand at fabric wall art and scrapbook supplies.  Custom orders on those too. 

So...  I'm not one for changes.  But that's okay.  Sometimes, change is a good thing. 

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13

sneak peek......


Irritable Mother said...

Now you've got that song stuck in my head. Thanks. *wink*
Even though you're cha-cha-cha-changing, I'm glad you aren't going away. :o)

nic said...

i'm sorry to hear about your mom's job, but glad that it sounds like things will be okay. you have beautiful perspective, my dear.

ryc: i played just about every position except keeper--you have to be fearless for that spot--i sure do admire your daughter. mostly i played center striker or right wing, though i'm stronger on defense. (or i was, till we got to college and everyone was twice my size. yikes.) anyhow, i love that game...wish i could still play in a rec league, but we don't have anything close enough to us. plus i'm sure i'd be terrible by now.

but enough rambling...i can't wait to see your etsy shop!! exciting times! :)