Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting Ahead of Myself

Do you ever do that?  Get so excited about something, that you just get ahead of yourself? 

Miss a couple of steps? 

Overlook things you shouldn't? 

Proceed without caution? 

I do that. 

A lot.  

I get a great idea and just run with it.  I see something and I just automatically think: "Well I can do that" and then I just "do it".  Sometimes, it turns out really great and I make the impression that I actually know what I'm doing. 

Other times...  you can really tell I had NO CLUE what I was doing.  

I have learned some things though.  And I give credit to my husband.  He taught me, by example, that research is needed to efficiently complete many things that I've never done before.  

So, with my newest project (which, once I get better at, I will add these to my future etsy store), I did just that.  I researched and researched and researched. 

But...  (you knew that was coming!) All the amount of research I did could not truly prepare me for actually sitting down and "doing it". 

Just what in the world am I babbling on about??


I purchased a pattern to make this:

I got my material in the mail yesterday:

And I couldn't wait to get started.  I will be taking sewing lessons soon, but I couldn't wait. 

I've gotten just about everything done w/ the exception of the top stitching.  It got really late (10:15pm) last night, so I set it aside until tonight. 

That fabric?  It's Minky Fabric.  And SO not what a beginner to sewing should be using, but oh well...  I think I've done o.k. but I did get ahead of myself.  I just got SO excited when I saw that gorgeous, colorful, so-so soft fabric!

I got these colors too, so sweet for a baby girl to love on. 

I promise, when I'm done with the first blanket...  no matter what it looks like.  I will post a picture. 

Oh!  I'm also working on my first oil painting.  I've never worked with oil colors before.  It was very evident after I was done for the moment and went to clean my brushes.  Soap and water doesn't cut it.  DUH!  But that's par for the course for me. 

Again, got ahead of myself. 

But that's okay. 

It's how God made me and he don't make mistakes.  I think He gets a kick out of me getting all excited and just plowing through. 


Irritable Mother said...

Uh, yeah. Guilty as charged.
But your getting ahead of yourself looks like it's going to result in some mighty comfy blankets. Wish I could say the same for me. LOL!

Nan said...

You sound like me! I work "backwards". Decide what i want to make and then figure out how to make it happen Never take steps in the right order. Never read instructions in the right order either. Makes hubby crazy