Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's Day ~ Brought in With a BANG!

New Year's Eve was spent working, putting away Christmas decorations, attempting to take the tree down, going out to eat with Christen and my Nanny and...  playing Just Dance 2 on the Wii with Christen.  If you don't mind making a fool out of yourself, I highly recommend the game!  Jon had to work late.  By the time he got home (10pm), I could barely keep my eyes open.  Poor guy had to ring in the New Year all by himself.  Christen went to church, and I went to sleep!

New Year's Day was a warm, but windy day here in South Georgia.  So, we did what any respectful "country" family would do.  We went a'shootin'.  Families who shoot together, stay together right?

Christen just got into competitive air pistol with our local 4-H.  We realized, after she shot my .38 (I say MY because Jon gave it to me for Christmas, but really, it's Jon's) that her air pistol practice has paid off.  She was a better shot than Jon!

Let me say, the guys are VERY careful.  They take care of their guns, they clean them and they teach us with less experience how to handle the guns and NOT shoot anyone in the process.  Most kids are taught early around here about gun safety.  This was the first time Christen has even touched a real gun.  She's 16, responsible and careful.  So please, if you don't agree with what I'm sure will become a regular family past time for us, feel free to disagree, but do so politely.  K? Thanks!

This is the hardest part to me.  Loading the clip for Jon's automatic.  Christen found it a bit difficult too.  The resistance is pretty strong once you get about 9 bullets in there. 

Here, Jon is going over important information.  I'm really sure of it.  And Christen is paying attention, but ready to shoot! 

And...  more safety instructions....

And then...  she finally.....  gets to shoot!

I even got in on the fun.  I'm not a fan of being the center of attention though.  So I only shot twice w/ the automatic.   

Of course Jon shot a few rounds.  He even got to shoot Brian's gun.  That long barrell revolver.  I have no clue what it's called. 

This is Brian, Ashley & Jacob.  We're at Brian's Mom's house.  She lives on farm land and has a bunch of ponds and fields behind her house.  It's a great place!

It's a family affair for Brian and his family too.  Little Jacob was only allowed to handle his BB gun and ONLY with his Mom and Dad standing right beside him. 

Oh yeah...  Check out all the guns!!  Jeez!!!  That's a lot between two people....

 Hello Cheese Ball Jug filled with well water...

 Good bye Cheese Ball Jug filled with well water!!!  This had to be the highlight of the day...  Why is watching things blow up so amusing???

So..  no one was hurt.  Everyone had fun and we're ready to go back out and do it all over again!  May be next time, I will hit the target! 


nic said...

awesome action shot with the water, and i'm loving your captions beneath each photo. :) highly entertaining!

(and doth my eyes deceive me, or is that bamboo growing in the background??)

Irritable Mother said...

OK, next time you got out a'shootin' please let me know and I'll send Joshua down to you. He would have LOVED to see that jug of water explode. In fact, I'll be sure to bring him over here this afternoon to show him your picture. :o)

Amy said...

My husband is reading over my shoulder and he thinks it is awesome that your husband got you a .38 for Christmas. He's very impressed. He says he would get me one, but he knows I probably wouldn't touch it. They just scare me. I do think that's cool that your daughter is learning to use one and to be safe with it. Sounds like family bonding time at your house! :)