Monday, January 24, 2011

Star Wars and not much else....

This entry is dedicated to my husband.  He.loves.Star.Wars.  Seriously.  Loves it.  He watches the movies (I think he even owns all the movies), he reads the books (well...  listens to them on CD),  he has the posters (I gave him some for Christmas), he has a calendar (again, Christmas present),  AND he has made is own light saber (I kid you not) AND!!! he made (as in sewed, as in labored over) a jedi costume.  Ok. so there is no "light" in the saber, but come to find out, most of the fan-made sabers don't have a light in them.  I'm sure he will remedy that one day. 

So, yeah.  My husband loves Star Wars.  George Lucas would be impressed. 

For the most part, I think it's good that he has such a lame, I mean tame, hobby.  But I must admit.  I don't get it.  And that's okay.  It makes him happy.  And as long as I don't have to go to all the "Cons" (science-fiction conferences) on the East Coast, I'll support his weird beloved Star Wars obssession. 


nic said...

you have such an awesome hubby to strike that pose for the sake of your blog post. my boys are star wars obsessed, which makes it easy for my hubby to pretend he's just going along with their obsession, instead of nursing his own. ;)

hope tomorrow is a better day for you. rest up, sweetie.

Irritable Mother said...!
Lame, I mean tame. You're a stinker!
Does your hubby have one of those cool phones that can access the internet? Cuz a friend of mine has a light saber app on his phone. Little picture of a light saber on the screen and the sound of a moving saber when the phone moves.
I bet hubby would love it. *wink*

WhisperingWriter said...

Ha, awesome.