Friday, September 2, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge + Day One!

Melissa over at Jack and the Kumquat has issued a challenge and I accept!  Forget that I'm a day behind.  That's not unusual at all.  So what's the challenge?  Here's the challenge:

Since I'm a day behind...  I will go ahead and put up Day One - Self Portrait right here:

I will come back later on in the day for the Day Two - What I Wore Today

I hope you join in too!!  :o)


Miss Rosie said...

I would join however, you know I never post any pics on here... I don't know... maybe I will. peace and love to you friend :D

Irritable Mother said...

Need a working camera in this house! *sigh*
Can't wait to see what you do on Day 8. *wink*