Monday, August 29, 2011

"Pretti-fied" Magnet Board

I don't like birds.....

I think they are dirty and man are they are loud!  and they just don't belong in people's houses...  well..  at least not in my house.. 

So..  normally, when I see birds on fabric, I keep on a walkin'...  

But..  that all went *poof* and "flew" out the window (yep, I went there) when I saw Michael Miller's Journal Collection Anjou Pour Vous in Yellow.  Oh my goodness...  I don't know how to explain it.  I just loved it.  birds and all...

So, I purchased 1yd of it...  and now... is SOLD OUT!  I knew I should have gotten more...  So I will forever be on the look out for more. 

I'm always on the lookout for bargains.  Right now, I'm trying to grab up as many magnet boards and cork boards as I can find.  Hopefully to stock up my etsy store (whenever I finally take the plunge and OPEN IT!) and of course to help decorate my home and next year, Christen's dorm. 

I found two magnet boards on sale for $3 when we were in Fernandina!!  I wish they had more, but 2 was all they had left. 

I knew I would want to cover the board w/ fabric and frame it...  so now, I had the boards and the fabric..  I just don't have the frame yet.  Oh well..  that didn't stop me from covering the board!

I also made magnets....  ENJOY as you go through the process with me...  :o)

I made the magnets first...  from "smooshed" bottle caps, round glass tiles, scrapbook paper and Crystal Lacquer...  forgive my finger prints!
I got the board for half off the lowest price.  LOVE a good bargin!

 Maby it was the music notes that did it?  They might be why I can over look the birds...

This stuff is AMAZING!

My E9000 glue dried out...  so the Crystal Lacquer saved the day!! 

The lacquer even glued the magnets to the bottle caps... 
I used those "rare earth" magnets...  lots of pull in those suckers.   


It's gonna look so much better once I find a frame for it...  I'm picturing a pretty, distressed white frame...  or cream....  or french blue...  ;o)

So what did YOU create this weekend? 
 Or what is that project that you've got in mind, but just haven't hammered out yet? 


stephanie said...

super cute!

Becky said...

When I went in Fred's the other day for some colored printer paper I noticed that they have cork board and it is super cheap too.. You would still have to frame it but you might want to check into anyway..

Marie said...

I can see why you fell in love with that fabric. Tres belle. Birds are fine out in nature where they belong, not in houses so I agree with you. I'd never have a bird for a pet. I have no creative plans in mind, but I might kill a close relative for some of that fabric. Beautiful.

Irritable Mother said...

Jodi, that is so cool!!!
And it looks like something I could do. Er, except I would NOT have the confidence to choose the fabric, or the magnets, or anything. Unless you held my hand. *wink*
Nice work.

I didn't create anything last weekend. But, I worked on the outline for some women's retreats I have coming up in October. Does that count? ;o)

Amy said...

This is super cute!! I love the magnets!