Friday, October 14, 2011

Scary Technology!!

I'm not big on technology.  I don't HAVE to have the latest and greatest.  I do like my smart phone though. 

So as my upgrade date got closer and closer...  I started dreaming of the iPhone 4.  I knew a newer version would be coming out soon, which would mean the iPhone 4 would be coming down in price by the time I was ready to upgrade.  

Unfortunately, Christen's phone was going downhill fast.  She's not eligible for an upgrade until 02/2012.  If we used the insurance to replace her phone, that would cost us $90.  

We found out I could go ahead and upgrade, I just wouldn't get the little rebate they promised me if I waited until 12/2011.  Christen is getting my old phone so she can have something reliable and I will go ahead and upgrade. 

About this same time, everyone thought the iPhone 5 was about to be introduced, but instead Apple revealed the iPhone 4S.  So guess what?

I did what I've never done before.  I ordered the newest technology, on the FIRST day it was possible to order the newest technology and the iPhone 4s just arrived today, the FIRST day it was available!

I feel kinda special!

And totally overwhelmed....

I hope I didn't make a mistake!

I hope it's as awesome as everyone says... 

I REALLY, REALLY hope I don't drop it before I can get a protective case for it!  ;o)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


gianna said...

I LOVE this post! I don't think you will regret it but it may take some time to get over the sticker stock!
But this is coming from a girl who doesn't hardly ever text!

Becky said...

Guess I should have read further..

Jordon works at AT&T.. He says the 2 phones really aren't that different. Hope you love it though...

Amazon is the best and cheapest place to buy a case if you haven't gotten one yet.. He just got me one for my DROID X2 off of there cause I keep dropping it.. Good thing it is tough..