Friday, October 7, 2011


If you have a teenager, money is probably always on their mind and yours. 

I want to teach my daughter the value of a $1. 

But I also knew I didn't want her to have a part-time job while in High School. 

She's very active in sports and makes good grades. 

I didn't want either to suffer.  I also couldn't imagine her having to work on Christmas day or Thanksgiving.  She's going away to college in less than a year.  I want her here for every holiday, not out working.  I want to be with her as much as possible because I know it won't last. 

Jon was never really in agreement with me.  But so far, he hasn't forced her into a job yet.  But right now, it's really hard for a teenager to find a job.  At least in our town.  Most businesses give precedence to adults.  Which I totally get. 


We gave her chores to earn gas money.  Things that she is responsible for and must do daily to earn gas money at the end of the week. 

But of course, that amount of gas money was barely enough to last her half a week.  You know she drives Jon's old F150, Bessie.  Bessie loves to guzzle gas. 

So...  I would give her extra money here and there...

Eventually, Jon told me I was not helping her understand the value of a $1.  So, I came up with a chart, and on that chart listed things she could do around the house to earn extra money.  She wasn't happy.  Christen was loving the old arrangement.  Me handing her money. 

But you know what happened?  I made up the chart on Wednesday afternoon...  and yesterday when I got home from work?  She was busy working to earn her extra money. 

Love it!

And I hope it continues to work!

Yes, you're reading that right.  "Fold Mountain of Socks"  That will earn Christen $20.  I would pay her more, but Jon wouldn't like it.  It's totally worth it so I won't have to.

How about you?  Are your kids old enough to work yet?  Do they have a part time job outside the home?  Not just babysitting. Like McDonald's or WalMart...

If your kids aren't old enough to work yet, will you encourage them to get a job when it's time for them to start driving so they can contribute to gas, insurance, etc. 

Or does you child WANT to work?  Do you have a little business person who wants to make their own money independent of an allowance?

It's interesting to see how each household operates.  

I'm not sure if our situation would work if we had more than one child.  But she's all we got, and we're able to help her this way. 

I hope every has a wonderful weekend!!


Melissa said...

Wow! I want to come work for you!! :)
$20 for matching socks? I'm in!

Mom of 12 said...

My kids would go nuts over getting paid to do their own laundry! Once they hit middle school, they are on their own to make sure they have something to wear. My autistic son has created his own dog-walking business to help him with expenses. He can set his own hours and do as many or as few as he wants. You should see MY mountain of socks!

Becky said...

Ryan would love to be at your house!! He has a Dave Ramsey kids chart and it doesn't make him but $5 a week max... And lately he doesn't want to earn that bad enough to help.. Any suggestions on getting him motivated again?

nic said...

you are brilliant. and i am totally coming over to fold your socks. (i'll do for $15...)