Friday, October 28, 2011


I'm on Instagram overload!  I take so many pictures now!  I feel kind of bad for my regular camera.  I use to carry it with me everywhere, now it just sits on the counter, all lonely.  But with the camera phone on my iPhone, there's really no need to carry the other camera around all the time.  I can just save it for special times, like Christen's Senior pictures coming up!  :o)

Okay, I'm linking up with Jeannett from Life Rearranged for Instagram Friday!
  Capturing the everyday moments of my week.  I hope you will too!!

I think I've blogged about my Dad.  He had a procedure that found a blockage in the artery in one of his legs.  They couldn't get it out that day, so they had to wait a month.  In the meantime, he's been in the hospital twice.  Once, the day of the 1st procedure and 2nd time when they had to get his pain under control.  He's taken the doctor's advice and he's not smoking.  Which means he's chewing LOTS of gum.  He requested Bazooka gum, but I couldn't find it ANYWHERE.  And I think I searched almost every store our town has.  So, what do you do when you want something and you can't find it in a store?? You go online of course!  This was waiting for me Friday when I got home.  Please continue to keep him in your prayers.  He goes back on Nov. 8th for the doctor to get ride of the blockage and truth be told, I'm worried about him. 

Love it when Jon takes us to Logan's Roadhouse for supper!  I got my Big Fat Greek Steak Sandwich.  And I don't care what Christen says, they make the cucumber spread with SOUR CREAM, not MAYO!! I hate mayo...  so it must be so. 

Did a little crafting Friday night while we watched Zoo Keeper.  It was a really cute movie!

My Boxer Kids soaking up the sun on a Saturday morning. 

Saturday Jon and I went to a pumpkin patch. 
On the way there, we stopped to get gas and this huge cow was in the parking lot. 
I couldn't resist!  I have no clue why it's there.  I didn't get out to inspect. 
But it's clearly an amazing photo-op. 

We loved Calhoun's Produce!!!  It wasn't too far from us and they had the best pumpkins to choose from. 
We even ate lunch there.  Everyone was so friendly!  We'll be back for sure. 

This is one of the Orange Bulldog Pumpkins we got.  Excellent for carving!

I took my Dad his gum on Sunday.  Poor Sam, he wanted to come outside so bad!!

The field across the road from my Dad's house.  He lives WAY out in the country. 

This store is on the way out to my Dad's.  It's in the middle of NOWHERE. 
But it gets a lot of business from the farmers, or at least it used to. 
I just can't get over the sign... 
they have everything you need!  haha..  (they even have a car lot!)

Jon's first 3 pumpkins. He's going to enter one of them in Calhoun's carving contest. 
I think he just may win a prize. 

My town is getting a Publix!!!  I'm SO EXCITED!!!  Publix, how I've missed you... 

I got Happy Mail this week!! From Junk In Da Trunk Girls!! 
They have an awesome ETSY store.  You should really check it out. 

I also got my organza necklaces in the mail this week! Perfect for my pendants.  :o)

It's Red Ribbon Week and Wednesday was Camo day. 
So Christen rocked her new coveralls. 
She's going hunting for the first time ever on Saturday! 
I hope she enjoys it as much as she thinks she will. 
My brother got his first deer of the season this past Sunday. 
I will spare you the photos I took of the poor doe.   

Wednesday night church time!

I got a lot of crafts done this week.  But still have a lot to do!!

And my Beckham boy.  Sure do love him.  And his Momma, Brandi. 
They will keep me sane when Christen goes off to college next fall. 

Today is the last day of "Red Ribbon Week".  Today is spirit day. 
Many of the students support one of the teachers, Mr. Beamon. 
He's a great teacher and he loves his students and his school. 
So the students can get a tshirt and be a part of his cheering section.  Very cool. 

Alrighty, your turn! 
I'd LOVE to see what all you've captured on your camera phone this week.  Go link up okay?  Okay!  :o)

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Nikki @ Saving For A Rainy Day said...

I make those pendants too! Well I did. I can't find my soldering gun :?

I'm sorry to hear about your dad.Lucky they found it now. My daddy had a stroke last year at only 49.He's doing MUCH better now but still smokes. Ugh!! Will he ever learn?

Thank you for visiting me. I'm gonna follow you now :)

Jonnique said...

Love your crafts! Checking out the rest of your blog for more!?

Paige said...

Well, how fun is live just down the road from me in Calhoun...I am up here in the Carpet Capital of the World!! HAHA!! Loved your pics and love knowing you are getting a publix. Whoo-hoo!

Happy Weekend!


Brooke said...

Soooo many great shots!!!

Eisley Rae Clothing said...

Love the mason jars. I have a soft spot for those babies! And, what gorgeous rosettes. What crafts did you make?
Your daughter is gorgeous. So weird though to see a teenage girl in camo overalls.. you just don't see that here in Southern California! haha. :)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I see I definitely need a new phone so I can have a better camera. Your pictures look great and were so fun! I'm so impressed with those jack-o-lanterns.

And sending prayers for your dad.

nic said...

so much good stuff, i don't know what to tackle first!

love all your instagrams...esp the tanning sign, the church near sunset, and your beautiful girl.

j has some mad carving skillz. wow.

the internet is a marvelous thing. (and you? are one sweet daughter.)

and last and biggest of all--THANK YOU for praying. i'm lifting up you and your heart as you prep for this fall. love you.

Holly said...

Your daughter is just beautiful AND can we talk about those awesome pumpkins? He is really an awesome artist!!! Keep us posted on the contest he enters! :)

stephanie said...

nom nom nom that sandwich looks delish! and I LOATHE mayo {and it's evil best friend miracle whip} too!! but love sour cream :)

Jadarie said...

Awww thanks for the sweet shout out of the shop:) Love the picture! Thank you so much & glad the jars made it safely to you

Becky said...

So jealous of the Publix

Love the store.. My in-laws live a mile from there too...

Jon really could win the pumpkin carving contest.. He has loads of talent

Logan's is Danny's favorite place to eat and that sandwich looks so good.. We need to get together soon and let me try one :)

Please keep me updated on your Dad

Amy said...

Loving those rosettes! I'm guessing you are making them into necklaces like I wore today! (that I LOVE!) (and I think I need more...)

Those pumpkins?? Amazing!!