Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Child

I love my kid. She's pretty awesome. She's a beautiful child of God and I'm so proud of her. I'm on pins and needles to find out what all God has in store for her for the rest of her life!

All that being said, she can surely drive me crazy. She's so smart and beautiful, but she forgets that sometimes. And when she forgets, she gets into trouble. Thankfully she's pretty tame compared to some other teenagers (like me when I was her age).

She loves sports (soccer and now she's getting into softball too). She does great in math, science and Spanish. She doesn't do as well in Honors Lit though. But I was so proud of her this morning when she emailed me and told me she made an 81 on her Honors Lit Final Exam. I doubt she will wind up with a B in the course, but she did prove that she could do well if she would just study.

Like any other teenage girl, she loves boys. And she's pretty enough that boys love her too. Lately, we've kept them at bay, I'm not so sure how long it will last though.....

This summer, she'll be gone for a total of 3 1/12 weeks. One week she'll be on a mission trip, another week she'll be at youth camp and then for 1 1/2 weeks she'll be in Sweden playing in the 2010 Gothia Cup. That week and a half, if I post at all, I will probably post incoherent blogs in between crying fits. Yeah, she is SO ready and I am SO not.

I still think of her as this baby:

But clearly, she is growing up. And God has His plans all laid out for her. So, I just need to learn to sit back and be still. Thank you Irritable Mother for reminding me of that with this verse: The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still. Exodus 14:14

Who am I fighting?? I am fighting against the world for my daughter to make the right choices. But I need to remember that she is only on loan to me. She is God's child first and He will take care of her.

PS. The Lime & Chili Almonds ROCKED!!!


gianna said...

Your daughter is BEEYOOTEEful. my little girls would love the picture in her pretty white dress. Except for maybe the shoes. They are very big into being all pretty (read that as prissy). I hopped over from Surviving Motherhood. You are going to LOVE Karen! She is awesome!

Irritable Mother said...

You're welcome. *grin*

My daughter is going on a mission trip this summer, too. Not far - just to Cincinnati - and I am so excited for her. Trusting God will do great things in and through her.

Letting go is going to be hard, I'm sure. But God will help us.

BTW, you can always write and schedule your posts ahead of time for that week and a half that your daughter is gone. You know, if you're afraid you'll be too busy crying. *wink*

And I'm still feeling stand-offish about those almonds. But MAYBE I'll give them a try. Someday.

WhisperingWriter said...

Your daughter is very pretty!

I'm worried when my daughter becomes a teen.