Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beckham - BelChore - Turd - DumDum - BelChum - The Beckhams

Oh how we have enjoyed our boxer, Beckham. (yes, he's named after David Beckham) He goes by many other names depending on our mood and what he has done or is about to do. It's now Beckham's favorite time of season = pool season.

We've had a terrible time getting our pool regulated. And by "we", I mean "Jon". As you can see, it's barely green here:

Beckham really doesn't care if the pool is blue, green or black. He just knows it's hot enough to swim and by golly, he's gonna swim.

He likes to pretend that he'll only swim when you say it's ok. But the minute your back is turned, he's swimming.

Yesterday, I left him and Brandi in the backyard to run around for a bit. (Brandi hates the pool, she never goes in voluntarily) When it was time to let them back in, Beckham was soaking wet and smiling the best boxer smile he could muster. I'm thinking, it's not so much the water Beckham enjoys, but the drying off. He loves to get love and attention. He gets both when we dry him off from being in the pool. He stands there, for as long as he needs to and just enjoys the attention. Oh the life of a dog....

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