Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Much Better

Yesterday's game was much nicer.  All the way around. 

I was beginning to wonder though...  the other team scored in the 1st 30 seconds of the game.  Christen was not in goal for this game.  Thank goodness.  She would have been done, see ya, thanks for playing, if that ball would have gotten by her that early in the game.  She needed to be out of the goal.  Get her head straight. 

She did get field time though.  And she did her job well. 

The girls won 4-1. 

(watch out ref!)

I felt bad though...

The GK for the other team used to play for us.  She's such a great GK. 

So anytime we got a goal, I would cheer and then say: awwwww

Only 4 games left in the regular season.

Only 1 region game left.

They are tied for 1st place.  They play the other 1st place team on Friday, April 15th.  From my understanding, if our girls win, they will be #1 in the region and go on to the playoffs.  If they lose...  well, I'm not sure what their place will be...  3rd I think (because of points and such that I just don't understand). 

We'll think positive though.  And pray for a good game...... 

..........and pray for a win.....

And yes, it's A-Okay to pray for a win. 

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nic said...

i'm praying for a win for christen's team too! AWESOME action shots, girlie. looks like she's every bit as talented on the field as she is in the goal...and that's a rare thing!