Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bridal Shower to Truck/Tractor Pull (GIVEAWAY Reminder)

I had two "firsts" this past Saturday

I hosted a bridal shower for the first time ever...

and I attended a Truck/Tractor Pull for the first time ever...

Talk about being on two ends of the spectrum! 

I had so much fun...  at both!!

I'm so excited to have Brianne in our family.  She is marrying my cousin, Luke.  He's going into seminary soon.  So many exciting things happening to them. 

I pray the "stuff" of the wedding doesn't start to overwhelm them.

(Brianne is a twin!! She's on the right, her sister is on the left)

My cupcake tower.  I wanted to jazz up the cupcakes a bit more, but the frosting didn't cooperate.

The "spread"...  so much food!!  it was all delicious.  My Aunt, my mother and my grandmother made the majority of the food. 

the punch was one container of lime sherbert and two 2liters of sprite.  Add lemon, lime and strawberries for a great POP!  It was sooooo good!

My aunt made this "towel cake". 

I was very skeptical about the truck/tractor pull, but I do believe I came away from it as a fan. 

I'm a racing girl.  I love the races.  It's a little different, but the atmosphere is basically the same. 

Keys to a great truck/tractor pull??  lots and lots of mud. 

and super LOUD machinery

This guy won his category (I think)...  I was pulling for him b/c of the witness his truck proclaims...  and b/c it's a ford.  :o)

I'm thinking poor Alan needs to change the name of his truck...  name and proclaim it right???  "Constant Sorrow" had a GREAT first run...  but the counter that clocks and records the feet messed up...  so he had to run it again...  didn't do as well the 2nd time around. 

Don't forget... there's still time to enter another first for me..  my first giveway!  go HERE and leave a comment.  I'll be drawing a lucky winner sometime on Saturday and announcing next week. 


Irritable Mother said...

That punch looks fabulous!
Thanks for including the 'recipe' because I may be using it. :o)

Mother Theresa said...

Interesting combination of events. :D
All that food looks delicious!

Marie said...

When I lived in Charleston, we had a combined oyster roast and baby shower for a couple who worked at the marine lab. It was a lot of fun!

Miss Rosie said...

Looks like you had a great time!

go over to Hello Rosie... you have an award waiting on you.

nic said...

what a weekend! your cupcakes look mighty tasty to me, and i'm positive that's the best-looking punch i have ever laid eyes on. wow.

love all of your photos--you captured both events beautifully!