Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Nativity Set

I searched for almost 6 years until I found the perfect Nativity. It's perfect for ME anyway. People would ask if I wanted one for Christmas and I always said "no". I think it's a very personal thing to pick out your own Nativity set. I knew what I wanted, but I didn't know how to convey all those details to others.

Two years ago, I finally found it. At Oriental Trading of all places!! I think the set cost me all of $15 (that's including shipping & tax). It's not fancy, it's not made of gold or marble or whatever else that may make it perfect or valuable to anyone else. And once you scroll down to see the pictures, you may think: "eh.. it's nothing special". But it is to me. And I can't explain it. All I know is when I saw it online, I knew it was the Nativity set I was waiting for.

When I boxed it up after Christmas of 2007, I did a really good job of putting it up b/c I couldn't find it ANYWHERE. So I went without it last Christmas. Jon found it a few weeks ago though, and I set it out on Friday.

I noticed that it was missing something..... the set was a little washed out by the wall. I decided to paint a night sky on canvas and place the set in front of it. (I do need a bigger canvas, but it will do for now) It's still missing something and I finally figured out what it is, but I'm not sure on how to go about it. It's missing a manager! I know I don't want to buy one, I want to build it myself. And I will... but it will probably wait until next Christmas unless I have some kind of break through in ideas b/4 this Christmas is over.

ok.. enough typing... here's the pictures:

I love Nativity sets, always have. I wish I knew what happened to my Mother's Nativity. I would love to display it also. Who knows... I may continue to add to the one I have now.

One of the things I love about my set are the Bible verses. They are beautiful! I used to not be too fond of Christmas because of all the commercialized mess that came with it. But I know now that I can't help how other people act or think about Christmas, I just need to make sure my heart is right. I just need to keep Christ at the center of Christmas (DUH!!) and pray that others can see Christ through me. (wow.... THAT'S gonna take a A LOT of praying...)

Merry Christmas!!


Irritable Mother said...

It's perfect, Jodi!
And when I looked at the first picture - before I read your words - I thought the sky was part of the 'set'. I think it looks fantastic!

Corinne said...

that is a great nativity set. Love it

Sandra said...

Oh so there is a baby Jesus! I grew up with a nativity set, but it didn't have one. Obviously my mom must have gotten it at some discount place or other, but she kept telling us, he would appear on Christmas morning. But obviously Christmas morning we were tearing into the loot so we never noticed if he made an appearance or not!