Monday, November 15, 2010


I have an awesome friend. He hooked me up with Photoshop 7.0. I've known this dude since high school. We were in college together and he played the piano at my wedding. He's great at everything he does. He works and practices and works some more just to get better at things he's interested in. He taught himself how to play piano, then when he got good enough, he took lessons to get better. He taught himself how to work on recording equipment. He also learned how to tint windows. And, he taught himself how to do many a "trick" on the computer. :o)

I'm a bit slower though. I get aggravated easily. Thankfully, I do want to learn as much about Photoshop as I can. I started with something I've always wanted to learn; change a color photo to black and white, then add the colors I want back to the photo. For example:



Isn't that cool??? I'm sure many people already know how to do that, but I'm just super stoked that I finally learned how.

I also learned how to take certain colors and make them more vibrant. For example:



And then I combined both of the things I learned and did this:

Yeah, I've had lots of fun!! Can't wait to keep learning... What is something new you've just learned? Is it something you've always wanted to learn or something new you've just discovered? I'd like to know!


Irritable Mother said...

That is so cool!
I can't even figure out how to shrink a picture file to make it fit into a forum profile. Somehow, I think 'photo shopping' is way out of my league. LOL!

Just yesterday I was listening to my boss talking about taking sewing classes and making quilts. I thought - Yeah. That sounds neat. But how would I ever fit that into my day???

Honestly, the most recent cool thing I learned how to do was scheduling blog posts. For the first couple years I was blogging, I had no idea you could write one day and schedule the post to be published on another day. Not very 'high tech' and impressive, but it sure has been a benefit to me! *grin*

Becky said...

i want to learn how to do that.. can you teach me??
I have one of our family pics that i wanted to make black & white and then add color back to tractor