Saturday, December 4, 2010

Loving Me Some Flea Market Finds

A couple of Saturdays ago, Jon and I were on a mission. To find a table and chairs. We really didn't want to spend much money, so we went to one of the local flea markets.

We didn't really find the table we were looking for, but we got one that will be sufficient to keep out by the pool. I did find three chairs that I really like though. Here's a before picture:

Yeah, not pretty at all. I don't know what kind of fabric that was on this chair. It was rubbery, so I'm guessing, some type of fabric normally used for lawn/patio furniture. Two of the chairs were covered in the blue, rubbery material and the other was covered in the lovely floral fabric below.

The chairs and table were used for the "guys" to play poker after a long day of selling their stuff. So you can guess the shape the fabric was in. But when you get a table and three chairs for $20, you just can't pass it up!

Walmart (and other stores too I'm sure) have these little fabric singles for $1. I bought four of these. It would have been nice if the squares were a bit bigger, but it worked out.

Not too bad if I do say so myself. Especially for my first time recovering a chair.

I plan on painting the chairs either white or cream when I get a free moment. And then, my next project will be adding cushions to my bar stools and covering them in this awesome laminate fabric I ordered from Laminated. The fabric is actually laminated, so they will be easy to just wipe clean:

Laminated gives this description in her shop about Laminated Fabric:

"A terrific alternative to oilcloth, this listing is for one yard (36 inches) of gorgeous laminated cotton! Laminated cotton is waterproof and highly durable. Softer than standard oilcloth but with the same wipe-able features. Can you imagine this as a tablecloth? Laminated cottons are 100% cotton sheeting on one side with PVC coating on the other side."

(I actually got the fabric in the mail yesterday... I LOVE IT!! It's SO soft and pliable. Can't wait to cover my bar stool seats with it)
Someone told me this weekend that I was becoming quite the "Susie Homemaker". When I was younger and still trying to figure out who I was, I would have scoffed at this remark. But now hearing that makes me happy. It's my job to create a comfortable home for my family. And I'm loving that I get to do that! God blessed me with an artsy side, and it's nice to be able to use that in a way that pleases my family and Him.


Brinker Business said...

Very nice!! I love a good bargain. I really like the fabric. I have bought those squares at Wal-Mart. They have really cute fabric squares.

Megan Marie said...

so great!!!! I love that you added your own touch. Thanks for sharing!!