Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Can't do a thing about it...

I took Christen to the DDS yesterday and she passed her drivers test with flying colors. She would have made a perfect score, but she forgot to turn on her blinker when parallel parking. I was just proud she didn't knock over one of those cones in the process. There wouldn't have been a cone left standing if it were me.

I must admit. I cried. Just a little. It's so hard to imagine that she's old enough to have her license. It's one more step to her not needing me and well... that breaks my heart. This milestone causes me to reminisce... join me...

I haven't been the perfect mother, but I pray I've done a good job. I pray I've pleased God overall and I pray I haven't messed her up too much. She's got family who loves her. That counts for something... Actually, that counts for a lot. My dad is in the picture above with Christen when she was just a couple of days old. She stole his heart in about one second.

This picture above was the first day she learned to climb up into this chair by herself. You can tell how proud she was of herself. Always little-miss independent.

I feel blessed that she's been able to experience things that many people don't get to experience. Even simple things, like snow. Many people take snow for granted, but when you're from South GA, it can be close to a miracle. We lived in a town just south of Atlanta when the picture above was taken. I remember waking her up the night before and letting her watch the snow as it piled down from the sky. She was amazed!

Gosh, she's so beautiful. Inside and out. Thank you Lord for trusting her to me. I want to ask Him sometimes: "What in the WORLD were you thinking???". Giving such a precious being to an 18 year old kid.

Traditions were hard to keep for years, but we continue to make it through and make the best of things. (at least I hope we do)

She has skills. Which proves again she was "fearfully and wonderfully made" because she surely doesn't get her athletic skills from me.

This picture was taken during a Youth Retreat. Thank you Lord for her Christian friends. I believe I'm just as thankful for them as she is.

Boyfriends. What can I say? She's had some great choices (like the one above and the one below) and she's had some horrible (yes, horrible) choices. Another thing about her growing up that I'm not fond of.

She's our little girl. Will always be. No matter where she goes or what she does, she'll always be our baby. I don't think she minds that too much though.

So, I can't do a thing about her growing up. It's a part of life. I just pray she never strays from God, that she always keeps Christ at the center of all her decisions and that she's happy and safe.
Oh how I love you baby girl.

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Irritable Mother said...

Love, LOVE the picture of Christen after climbing up into that chair!

And, uh, yeah. I take snow for granted. Heard we might get some soon and I am none too excited about it. Sorry. In Michigan, it just isn't so exciting. *sigh* Feel free to come visit if you really feel the need to make a snowball!

So glad you're paving the way for me. Will be there with Elizabeth in about a year and a half. *big sigh*