Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Crafty Christmas

This Christmas, I made some of the gifts I gave. A couple were right within my comfort zone while another couple were totally outside of my comfort zone. Pictures are always a must. For example, I try to give my mother a calendar with pictures of Christen and Jessica in it. I did that this year and I also made her a photobook, with help from Walgreens, documenting our weekend in Birmingham together. I also made a couple of collages. One that I gave to my Uncles and brother with images from around my Nanny's place. The Tractor Rain gauge that I'm guessing my Granddaddy made, a sun flower, a hook and rope hanging on a fence post and the pond that was built a few years ago:

And one I made for my Nanny:

I love making collages. I just think they look "artsy" and I like artsy.

The other thing I made that was within my element was the giraffe painting for my uncle. You can see it on this post here.

But, I couldn't stay in my comfort zone. Where's the fun in that?? So I also made Fabric Christmas Banners and Mod-podged for the first time ever. I really want to make it known that the fabric banners involve sewing and I've NEVER used the sewing machine before until I started the project. Thankfully, Jon is a patient teacher. Well... at least he was that day! I mod-podged frames for three of my cousins. I framed really neat inspirational quotes. Well... I'm not good at explaining, so here are the pictures:

I mod-podged sheet music to the frame. I purchased an old hymnal from eBay to use for the frame, even paid extra for expedited shipping and the hymnal is YET to come. I hate giving bad reviews, but the seller won't even respond to me, so I'm afraid I will have to leave a bad review. Soooo... thankfully I had a sheet music book with Contemporary Christian songs in it and used it instead.
And now, the fabric banners. I have seen a lot of them on Etsy, and of course, I think: "Well, I could do that!". Never mind the fact that I had never operated a sewing machine before. But I didn't let that stop me. Where the banners perfect? Nope..... But I think they turned out pretty good.

Don't mind the door. It's gotten a little scratched up between hauling our HUGE crate in and out of the bedroom anytime company comes over.

Below was the other style I made. This was before I attached the ribbon.

I believe they went over really well. It's gotten me excited about sewing and learning new techniques. I hope to take sewing lessons soon from a friend from church. And I'm hoping that leads into learning how to make a quilt. Dare to dream!


Sandra said...

You are crafty! I loved every single craft you displayed, even the one that was OUT of your comfort zone!

nic said...

i share your fondness for collages, and yours are gorgeous! i'll bet your family was delighted with your photo-gifts. and i adore those modge podged music sheet frames--what a brilliant idea!

Amy said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I would be happy to tell you what (little) I know about how to make your blog pictures bigger. Just email me at amyjones2144 at yahoo.com

I LOVE your giraffe painting a few posts back!! So cute!

Sara K. said...

I LOVE your sheet-music picture frames!! That is the coolest idea! I've never used modge-podge stuff... is it easy? Your banners are beautiful too -- you are gifted with crafty ability! :)