Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby Gifts

One of my oldest and dearest friends is having a baby in just a matter of days!!! If anyone deserves God's blessings on her life, it's Kelly. We've known each other since the 4th grade. We were close for a few years, but unfortunately grew apart during our Jr. High and High School years. There were times I regretted that we grew apart, because there were paths I took that I shouldn't have. I feel that if I would have been around Kelly more, she would have influenced me to stay in my walk with Jesus. But, what-ifs do me no good now! I'm just thankful she is still in my life, even though she lives 6 hours away!!

I sent off her baby gifts this past Friday. I could have sworn I had pink tissue paper... but purple is great for a baby girl too right?

I could have went to Wal-Mart and picked out a card, but I wanted to put a personal touch on the card.

I love painting and making cards and I love putting Bible verses in cards. I think Bible verses make a card more personal than any words I could put together.

A girl we graduated with is very talented with a sewing machine. She makes all kinds of cute, personalized things, so I knew I wanted her to make little Anna some gifts:

Below is a burp cloth and bib and yes, it's pink zebra print!! Love it!!

And below is my handmade contribution. The song "You Are My Sunshine" was a favorite song of mine to sing to Christen when she was a baby.

I also got her a book (I can't remember the name of it to save my life!). The book is a board book, and it describes all these things the mother and child do together all through out the seasons. I can picture Kelly doing all those things with Anna as she grows older.

I'm so happy for Kelly and Brandon! They are about to receive the greatest Christmas present! And the best part is, they know just how precious little Anna is. Kelly will be a great Mommy!!


Marie said...

Aw-w-w-w. How cute!

Megan said...

Those cards are adorable - handmade cards are always better than store bought!

TheUnSoccerMom said...

Thank you Marie & Megan!!

Marie, if you need anything embroidered (sp??), let me know. I can give you Dawns contact information. She's REALLY reasonable!! And does all kinds of stuff from TShirts to aprons..