Friday, January 20, 2012

InstaFriday & The Giveaway is Upon Us!

It's Friday!!  You know what that means!!

Well, first, it's the weekend.  Yay!

and second, The Valentine's Crafty Prize Pack Giveaway has started!!!  I will try and announce the winner no later than Monday, January 30th.  (but I may be able to announce the winner during that weekend)  So, CLICK HERE TO ENTER.  Please!  You'll be glad you did.  :)

And last, but not least...  it's InstaFriday time!  Time to share my mobile photos of the week.  I'm linking up with Jeanette at Life Rearranged and some other cool ladies you'll see at the end of the post.

I hope you link up too and let me know you did!  I want to see your week via mobile photos!

All my photos were taken on my iPhone and all but one was filtered through Instagram (I'm underthegeorgiasun, come find me!).


Beckham is such a cuddle-bug.  He really is happiest when he literally right on top of you.

Jon finally got his cards!  He's famous now ya know.  B/c you have to be famous to be on a bubble gum card.  ;)

As most of you know, Jon LOVES Star Wars.  He's part of a group called "The Dark Empire".  Their mission statement is below.

And even though it's not my cup of tea, it makes Jon happy, so that's cool.

Jon even makes pretty much all of his costume.  He commissioned the leather work, but it was still done locally and by hand.  And you see his light saber?  He made that.  Not the light part, but the handle part.  And he's making another one too.

If you click above on the picture, it will take you to their website.

Christen is in love with crab rolls.  So much so, she'll go and purchase them.  I can't stand sea food and Jon really doesn't need to eat all that rice, so she's pretty much been on her own when she wants some.  Until now.  Jessica ate sushi for the first time eva!  And....

She liked it...  she really liked it.

So now Christen has someone to go on sushi runs with.

GA basketball started this past Friday night.  So now we finally got Jessica's basketball hoop up for her to practice when she comes over.  It only took us 3yrs!

ONE of Jon's crock pots full of chili!  He was given some bison and elk meat and decided to make chili.  He added some italian sausage too.  I hear it was good.  I don't eat chili, so I have to take their word for it.

I just love how his ears look here.  He also looks tiny and not like his monsta' self.

This was my view when I pulled onto my street after work one day this week.  It was like I was being welcomed home.  Love it

She makes the funniest faces.

I do believe you can still download this song for free on KLove.  I LOVE this song!!  I wrote about it yesterday.

I made home made spaghetti this week.  I have to have LOTS of garlic.  And believe it or not, this really wasn't enough.  My phone still smells like garlic.  and I love it!

Yes, I mix raw spinach in with my spaghetti...  it's really good, you should try it.

I love it when my cousin Cam comes over.  And so does Beckham.  Cam let Beckham chew on his blanket, I tried to stop it each time but finally gave up and just took a picture.

Oh my gosh dude!  Knuckle deep!  Haha.  How could you not love that face!!!

I love this picture.  Brandi and Christen just turned to look at Beckham at the same and he gave this look like: "What did I do??"

Church Youth basketball started Thursday night.  They always make me nervous.  The games can get pretty intense believe it or not.  But this game was really good. Not many fouls were called and Christen got 6 out of the 19pts they scored.  Oh, and our girls won!  Good day for sure.

Christen on the right her BFF Becca on the left during half time.  Love these girls.

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amyhersheyskisses said...

I can't believe your husband and his love for star wars. wow. I'm not all that into it either-
I'm going to try the fresh spinach in my spaghetti next time. We eat a lot of pasta in our house. A lot!
Have a great weekend instagram friend!

steph said...

lots of pictures this week! and now I want sushi. it's not even 8 am haha I loooove sushi!

Jodi Evans said...

lol! I couldn't help myself w/ all the pics. ;)

Jodi Evans said...

he's pretty intense about it... he has two "cons" he's going to this year (sci-fi conferences... think... "Big Bang Theory" ;) )

I love putting the spinach on top of my noodles, then pouring the sauce on top. yummy!!

You have a great weekend too!! :D

Laurie J said...

sushi.....that's so mature. i haven't arrived yet! love that sky pic----ahhh, HOME

emily said...

Lovely post! That spaghetti looks delicious...and that pup...I'm sure he knows how to get his ways!!

Jodi Evans said...

our doggies have those 'puppy dog eyes' down pat! ;) thank you so much for visiting me!

Jodi Evans said...

don't feel bad, I will NEVER arrive to sushi. ;) Thank you so much for visiting me!

Joann@womaninreallife said...

Beckham is absolutely incredibly adorable. I love a dog who snuggles. Mine is digging into the garbage can right now. Does it every time I get on the computer.

Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

I love sushi, been too long ...gotta have some. The sky photo is awesome! Adorable shot of the little boy with fingers everywhere. LOL Boys will be boys.

Holly said...

Awww your dogs are so cute!! :)

amanda @ fake ginger said...

What a fun week! I can't wait until my kids are old enough to play competitive sports. :)

Your dogs are so stinkin' cute! I want!

Rebel Sweetheart said...

I love that picture of the road and the sky! :)

Ruth West said...

A great shot :)

Jodi Evans said...

Thank you!

Jodi Evans said...

Thank you!!

Lauren Johnson said...

Great shots! I'm going to have to go look at this instagram stuff....everyone seems to be using it. I feel like I'm missing out at this point! :)