Thursday, August 25, 2011

Giving Praise...

even when I don't feel like it. 

I believe that's an issue with everyone.  I know it can be an issue with me. 

If you have a teenager, or were one yourself at one point in time...  I think you understand how difficult life can be at times.  And how difficult giving praise to God can be at the times when it seems all my hopes and dreams for my daughter could be gone in a second. 

I have all these dreams for my child and when things don't go the way I want them to go, it's hard to remember that God is the one in control. 

I'm a control-freak.  So it's super hard to give her to God.  Because, you know..  I know everything..  HA!

Thankfully, after all is said and done, and I'm broken and feel like I can't deal with anything, that's when I feel closest to God and I can finally see things He's been trying to show me.  And He puts people in our lives that bless us.  And He reassures me that all my hopes and dreams for Christen are not gone, she's just a teenager!  She's a GREAT person.  And people mess up.  CHRISTIANS mess up.  I mess up!!  oh my goodness how I can mess something up...

 Please pray for my family, pray for ME to make Godly decisions, pray for Christen to make Godly decisions and pray for Jon to make Godly decisions.   

It's not important to go into details of the difficulties our family has been going through.  All families go through rough times.  What's important is, through God's grace, we will rise above it and be stronger for it. 


nic said...

you are awesome.

i'm continuing to pray for wisdom and strength and courage for your family. i? was a difficult teen. but oh am i glad to have had a mom like you who doesn't give up on her girl...and even more, to have a God who redeems and restores.

keep on keeping on, my friend. God won't let go for a second.

stephanie said...

it's when it's hardest to praise that you grow the most in my experience. praying for y'all!

Marie said...

You always seem to know which direction to turn. Hugs to you and your family. This too shall pass.