Thursday, June 30, 2011


Our Church is having our VBS this week (Vacation Bible School).  We started Sunday and today is the last night. 

Lots of changes this year.  We have a new youth minister, so I expected changes.  But I'm not good with changes.  Thankfully, I don't have to be.  :o)   Things ran smoother than I expected.  Let go and let God! 

The motto for VBS this year is: Hear it! Believe it! Connect it!

And of course, we learn our ABC's: Admit, Believe, Confess. 

This year's VBS Music is by far my favorite!  All the songs are catchy and fun. 

They combined our 2nd grade class with 1st grade.  First change I wasn't so sure about.  I've been there where the first grade class alone had an average of 15 per night.  And our 2nd graders have never been shy about showing up either.  I wanted an influx of kids, so many we would need extra help, but the most we had was last night, 17 kids.  Which is a-okay. 

The first three nights went without a hitch.  ALL the children were eager to learn about Jesus.  ALL the children were excited about the Missions track, the Music track and Crafts track.  They were even excited for Bible Study!!  Which surprised me a little because it can be tough for 1st and 2nd graders to sit still and listen at the same time.  It was like they were all little sponges just ready to learn as much as they could!  We even had one little boy accept Jesus into his heart on Wednesday night.  So amazing!!  The Spirit is truly working on those children. 

Last night was a challenge though.  One child, who is well known if you're a teacher in our area or go to our church.  He totally broke his mold Sunday and Monday.  He behaved, he listened and he was truly a joy to be around.  He missed Tuesday.  I'm assuming because of the storm we had.  He came back last night and was bound and determined to misbehave and treat others badly.  He did things that broke my heart and he acted unreachable.  We had to call in the youth minister to talk to him.  He finally calmed down enough to join us for Bible Study, which is our last track.  Unfortunately, he didn't listen, he made it difficult for the children next to him to listen.  I just can't imagine what he went through that day for him to act the way he did.  So I've been praying for him since last night to have a change in attitude for the better.  I've been praying for him to be able to feel God's tug on his heart and submit to it. 

All is forgiven, the slate wiped clean.  I'm coming to VBS tonight totally expecting him to be there and to be the awesome kid I know he is. 

Tonight is the last night, and once again, I'm looking forward to it, but I'm not.  I really do love VBS and I love the kids.  I thank God I have this opportunity every year to help teach.  It's a blessing. 


Joy said...

Another one of my friends was talking about their VBS last week and I really miss being able to help out with VBS. Here lately my schedule is hindering me from getting involved... but hopefully one day that will change so I can share the word of God to the young ones again.

Hope the little one acts better tonight. It's tough to not jerk them up and give the a "talking to!" =)

stephanie said...

I loved VBS when I was a kiddo, I can't wait until Maggie is old enough to go!

Irritable Mother said...

Oh, Jodi, you're breaking my heart! This summer will be the first time in I-don't-know-how-many-years that I am NOT helping with VBS. I'm sad to miss it, but now that I'm working days - well, I can't do it.
And our church is doing the Big Apple Adventure, too. And reading your review, thinking about how fun the songs are...I'm even sadder now. *pouty face*

But I'm glad you enjoyed it. And I still love you. :o)