Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th Weekend *EDIT - Snake Story Too"

The weekend started out great and ended the same.  Friday, after work, I got in the pool as soon as I could and chilled until I was joined by the family.  Christen and Jessica spent the day at an amusement park about an hour away with my mom and brother. 

Saturday, we had my Dad and his wife over for a belated Mother's/Father's Day lunch.  Jon cooked/grilled ribs and hot dogs and I roasted potatoes and attempted to make blueberry pie.  "attempted" being the word to pay attention to.  I failed at that attempt, but I think I know what I did wrong, so I will try again.  One day. 

After they went home, we spent more time in the pool.  Who needs to ever pay for entertainment when you have Beckham.  He loves to play "volleyball".  He'll do this all day long if you let him. 

After we were more than water logged, we headed up town to watch fireworks.  And if you ask me, the best place to watch fireworks is from the back of your pickup truck. 

 Christen was excited to get this picture of me.  "DON'T delete it!!!" She told me.  I didn't...  and to be fair, I'm even posting it here.  ha!

 Jon telling some kind of joke or story or something to help pass the time until the fireworks.  He gets so animated. 

 Christen sporting her "grocery store" feet. 

 Jon REALLY wishing his little glow stick were a light saber instead. 

 I love all things that glow.  I'm very easy to please. 

Gotta love him!

Sunday was church of course.  Jon and I also went to see The Green Lantern.  Such a good movie!!

Monday, more of the pool and just relaxing. 

Such a great weekend!!

Now to work for the next three days and heading to SC on Friday for Christen's 1st college try out. 

So excited and nervous about that.  Please keep her in your prayers!


Sorry!  I can't believe I totally forgot about my "snake encounter". 


here's the deal: 

It was time to leave for church Sunday morning.  We were running a little bit late, so I was rushing and not paying attention to my surroundings apparently.  I had opened the garage door by pushing the button just outside the kitchen door.  Jessica was in front of me and Christen was behind me.  I had my purse, my coffee and a cup of cereal in my hands.  I wasn't looking at the ground.  I was paying attention to Jessica because something had just floated into her hair and I was wondering what in the world it was! 

By that time, I had walked out from under the garage and onto the driveway and all of a sudden, Jessica and Christen both yelled:

"You're gonna step on it!!"  -  "You STEPPED on it!!!" -  "You stepped on the SNAKE!!!!!!"  

I looked down, didn't see anything, turned just a bit and looked down and saw the tail end of a snake slither into a box that holds Jessica's basketball goal.  I FREAKED!!!  I threw my purse down (IN the snake's direction, why I have no clue, I would have freaked out even MORE if that sucker would have gone into my purse) and jumped about 5 feet, AND screamed.  Like a scared little girl.  I convinced Christen (who had by now, jumped from the floor of the garage back to the steps that lead to the kitchen) to walk through the garage and get in the car.  She called Jon and before Sunday School started, he sent me a text letting me know he had killed it.  Wow...  such excitement for a Sunday morning!  I kept feeling something crawling on me the whole morning.  It was freaky-deaky for sure.  I wish Jon hadn't thrown the dead snake into the limb pile, I really wanted to see it.  But apparently, it was a garter snake, it was really little.  Like baby-little.  Here's what a garter snake looks like:

I feel pretty blessed though.  I've lived in South Georgia for the majority of my life and this is the first time I've ever stepped on a snake.  Even when I lived in the "country", I never stepped on one or came close to stepping on one.  Even this time, I wouldn't have known if Jessica and Christen weren't there to tell me. 


Becky said...

You failed to mention the snake and Jon being your hero & killing it for you..Anyone who reads your blog would get a kick out of that!!

Joy said...

Now, I want to read that snake story considering how much I HATE snakes!!

Love all the pictures and Beckham is PRECIOUS!!! Sounds like y'all had a pretty amazing 4th of July weekend!! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Joy said...

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! HOLY CRAP!!! I have chills all over my body. I'm DEADLY afraid of snakes!!! Glad it is dead! =)

Irritable Mother said...

Oh, Jodi, a couple of years ago we were at a camp and I was sitting quietly, reading my Bible, not bothering anyone or anything. When out of nowhere trots my son, approaching me from behind, and suddenly something was tickling my ear.
It.was.a.snake. In.my.ear!!!
I screamed and jumped, and Joshua ran in another direction. Laughing.
Ha ha, funny kid.
He's lucky to still be alive. *wink*

Glad you made it through the snake encounter. :o)

stephanie said...

I would have died! I don't do snakes! and I love the 4th pics- looks like a great weekend!

Amy said...

I would have screamed like a little girl, too. Snakes creep me out.

Your comment about Jon wishing his glow stick was a light saber made me laugh. One of the Star Wars movies was on TV the other night and my husband commented on how it's too bad light sabers aren't real. They would be the coolest thing. :)