Friday, May 13, 2011

Random Friday

I've been editing, and editing, and editing pictures of that cute, cute baby from my last post

Baby Sophie and her Daddy's cowboy hat.

Their's is a house divided...  can you tell?

And while editing, I found pictures I haven't even posted to FB yet. 


We had some friends over a few weekends ago to play the Wii.  They have two boys, one is in the same grade as Christen and the other is just a couple years younger.  Their youngest came over and he and Christen! on the Wii!!  They played "Just Dance". 

Matthew is an awesome kid.  He loves to dance, sing and entertain.  And he's an awesome baseball player. 

Oh.....  Christen's an honor student.  :o)   the first time in two years...  She's ALWAYS been an honor student, until Honors Lit came along....  what's crazy is she places in honors/advance lit in every test, yet the actually class is such a struggle for her.  I try to never blame the teacher, but her first teacher wasn't very helpful.  She would give feedback like: Great job, looks good, awesome work...  but when it came time to grade, she would give her 70's.   The second teacher, she was better, but Christen was just totally over it. 

So, no honor's lit... just regular lit, and she's back on the honor roll.  :o)

This is Christen's favorite teacher @ the HS.  And she's retiring this year!  She gave Christen a glowing recommendation letter for her Sweden trip last year. 

And... a picture from a soccer game this season...  I didn't take this, but the guy was nice enough to give us a CD. 

So...  what are you doing this weekend???

My Sunday is JAM-PACKED!  And really, tomorrow is too, but Sunday, barely time to breathe...  certainly no time for my Sunday nap...  But that's okay. 

We've got more storms coming in...  praying for all of you in the path of those storms


Miss Rosie said...

Love the pictures! The baby is soooo precious!

Irritable Mother said...

"Just Dance" looks fun. Might have to look in that game!

Funny about the honors thing, isn't it? Elizabeth's biggest struggle is with her honors class, too. But I think the extra challenge is worth it in the long run.

I'm speaking for a Mother's Tea in Ohio this weekend. And Elizabeth is coming with me. It's going to be so fun!