Monday, May 2, 2011


The Prom was Saturday...  And I survived!  Without crying...  I think I need an award of some kind for that accomplishment. 

Christen and I picked up her flowers, then went to Wal-Mart, and after that, I took her to one of her favorite places for lunch.  I didn't even tell her where we were going.  I just pulled up in the parking lot and LOVED the smile it put on her face. 

We went home, straightened up a bit, then waited on her friend, Emily, to come and help her with her makeup and hair.  Emily, Hunter and their baby girl arrived and I was put in charge of holding the baby.  Okay... I put myself in charge of holding the baby.  :o)

Who wouldn't want to cuddle this cute baby!?!

I watched some of the process of her hair and makeup. 

But when I saw Christen for the first time, hair and makeup done, dress and shoes on...  my kitchen was filled with people...  Christen walked in, handing me her phone...  and my jaw dropped...  I was speechless...  she was just beautiful!!  Then she snapped me out of it: "Answer the phone!  It's Granny!!"

I don't think I even realized I was holding her phone. 

Then, it was off to my late Grandmother's place for photos.  I know why Christen wanted to take pictures there.  Right now, everything is so GREEN! And there's lots of rustic charm too. 

I think about 20 of us gathered there to take pictures and see them off to prom. 

The gnats were abundant, but thankfully held off until the last 30 minutes.

Christen and Alex have been dating for about 6mths now. 

So far, he's proven to be an okay kid. 
The old gas pump.  I remember when it worked. 
How much per gallon you ask? Try .31 cents. 
Not just anyone could have one of these, but you could if you owned/operated a farm. 

There's the Christen I know!!  Love.that.silly.face. 

Breathtaking...  I can't believe that's my baby girl...  She's growing up too fast!

Cam-Cam came to see if HE could take her to prom.  :o)

Four generations.  (from the left, Me, my mother, Christen and my maternal Grandmother)

This is my favorite picture of Jon & Christen from that day. 
It shows a tender moment and makes me tear up everytime I look at it. 
(I hear there's a picture showing Jon about to beat up Alex. 
I've yet to see it, but I sure want to! haha)

The back of her dress.  I forgot to get a picture while out at the farm. 
Thankfully, they came back to the house before they went out to eat. 

Gotta have pictures with "her" truck. 

And off they went!

So proud of them both. 

I heard there were an abundance of after-parties, where kids were drinking, doing things they shouldn't.  Neither of these kids were involved in that and when we gave them their curfew, there was no complaining (11:30pm for Christen, midnight for Alex).  I know my child isn't perfect,but I believe she behaved and remembered whose child she was after they left the house.  Not my child, but God's Child. 


stephanie said...

She looked beautiful! And who wouldn't want to hold that sweet baby- precious!

Miss Rosie said...

Absolutely Stunning!

Joy said...

She is/was gorgeous! LOVE that yellow dress!! I know you are one proud mama!!

shan said...

I'm so glad I have a few more years left before I reach this right of passage with my girls. I know, I know it will be here before I know it. Great pics! She's a beauty! PS - glad your camera was all ready to go this time.

Sandra said...

So glad you posted so many pictures, I couldn't get enough of her beauty, and that dress is magnificient!

Irritable Mother said...

Agreed. She's a beauty!

But, how did you find a license plate that said 'prom 2011'? *wink*

Holly said...

She looked must be so the pix you took!

Sara K. said...

Terrific pictures -- Christen looks lovely! And I loved the picture of four generations... your mom looks fantastic, and so does your grandmother!! You've got good looks and longevity in your family there! :)