Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Never have I............

EVER...  and I mean EVER, ran onto the field when Christen was hurt.  I learned a long time ago (during the gymnastics years) that it sometimes makes things worse.  If I see her go down...  I let the coaches and trainers do their jobs, she rests, recovers and she's back in the game. 

Last night.... 

last night is a totally different story. 

She did so great in goal.  All the girls were working together, teamwork was abundant!  They were ahead by 6.  (the score was 6-0)  Christen loves to play the field, so the coach took her out of the goal and got her on the field in the 2nd half w/ about 14min left in the game.  The GK (yep, Goal Keeper :o) ) sub let 2 go by her. That made the score 6-2. 

And then...

Christen had the ball...  she was taking it up the field...  and this girl comes out of nowhere (or so it seems to me) and before I know it...

Christen's legs are taken out from under her and she flys/falls/hits the ground....


and she doesn't get up. 

And I just knew...  I had to go to her. 

(I want to stress...  I'm not the Mom who over-reacts.  If anything, I under-react.)

I was scared.  I jogged over to the other side and she's crying and can't get up. 

She landed on her hip.  She's had issues w/ her hip in the past, so I know it's not good.  Thankfully, they had a trainer on hand and checked her over.  Nothing seems to be broken or fractured.  She finally got up (with help) and they took her to the bench.  And the trainer delivered the words that just totally took the wind from her....  "Don't worry!  You'll be back playing in about 7-10 days." 

She cried harder at that statement than she did while lying hurt on the field!!

That's my baby.  You see...  they have games in Atlanta this weekend.  Christen has just been told a few days ago that she is the "main GK".  She doesn't take this responsiblity lightly.  She's upset that she may not be able to play this weekend.  But she understands that it's better to rest and heal and miss two non-region games, than to play, get hurt worse and be out the rest of the season. 

I wish I had pictures.  We do have video and when we figure out, I'll try and post. 

Thankfully, the girl that took her out, came over and apologized and made sure Christen was okay.  That girl gets MANY stars for that.  The referee though?  He's ref'd w/ Christen before.  He knows her.  The other girl should have gotten a yellow card. He did nothing.  He never even came over after the game was called (they had to stop play b/c of her) to check on her. 

Christen stated that she will never ref for him or with him again. I don't blame her. 

We serve a mighty God.  He told me to go to her. He knew she needed me.  He is taking care of her now and will continue to.  She will be okay.  And only my God is giving me the strength to get through her soccer career!  With out Him, my nerves couldn't take it.  :o)


Irritable Mother said...

Goal Keeper. Got it. Thanks. :o)

I'm so glad Christen is going to be OK, and that you had the presence of mind (and prompting of God!) to go be with her. I believe you when you say your nerves couldn't take "it" without Him. No doubt!

And while it will be tough waiting it out this weekend, it will surely be best. God willing, Christen may even grow through this injury - spiritually, emotionally, and physically. HE uses everything, you know!

nic said...

oh, how this makes my heart hurt...both for the mama watching her child go down hard, and the soccer player, having to watch from the sidelines while she heals.

it's a brutal, beautiful sport. hang in there, both of you.

WhisperingWriter said...

Ouch, I'd have run out there too.

Amy said...

So glad that she is going to be okay. And so glad you were there with her.