Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekends, then and now....

Wow, this week just flew right on by. It's Friday and I have a feeling that the weekend will fly right on by too.

I remember, when I was just little younger, the weekends held so many possibilities. Now, I just rather clean house (yeah, right) and lounge.

I use to do things like this on my weekends:

This one is of me @ at race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

I still like to go out and do things, just not as much as I used to. When we do get out, it's normally to watch Christen play soccer (and now, softball). So that's enough entertainment for me most of the time. We'll be at a softball tournament this weekend (tonight and tomorrow). While I'll be there in body (and spirit if Christen gets to play!), I'll be longing to get home and do this:

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!!


WhisperingWriter said...

I also prefer to lounge, but the kids really won't let me.

Irritable Mother said...

Time changes us, doesn't it?
When I was a teen, I thought I would always be the way I was. Thought I would like the same music, and enjoy the same activities when I was an adult.
Oh, did I have a lot to learn! *wink*

Kerin Lee said...

I'd prefer to lounge more but I don't want to be single lol.

Irritable Mother said...

Hey, Jodi!
I think I remember that you were interested in the gIRL Gathering in NC, but that finances were an issue. I just got an email saying that scholarships are available. If you think you can make it (Sept. 24-26) please email me ASAP and I will connect you with the coordinators.
Would love to see you there!