Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Never a dull moment...

When you have dogs, especially dogs who live inside, you never have a dull moment. I love my dogs, they are a constant source of entertainment. But many times, I find it hard to laugh while in the moment of their entertaining.

For example, it rained this past Saturday. When I let the dogs outside to "do their business" I never really thought about the rain or mud for that matter. But I did find it odd they were not clawing at the door to be let back in as quickly as they normally do. When they finally did come to the back door, I let them in, not even noticing anything wrong until I saw the tracks. MUD tracks on the floor!

I quickly shooed them outside and before hosing them off, I snapped a couple of pictures:

As you can see, they were quite happy with themselves. I admit, I was a bit annoyed at having to walk all the way to the cabana (where the waterhose is), FIND the waterhose, hold them down and hose them off (all while lightning was flashing in the distace). But looking back, it was kinda funny, and who can blame them? When's the last time YOU could play in a mud puddle??

I remember as a kid wishing for it to rain while @ my Ma & Pa's house because there would be the most awesome mudpuddles to play in. I think I would get some strange looks now if I tried to do that!

But who knows.... may be the next time I see a mud puddle, I'll make a mud pie.... Just for old times sake.... :o)


Irritable Mother said...

I'm grinning at the thought of it.
Yes. I believe I would love to join you!

WhisperingWriter said...

I made a mud pie with my daughter the other day. It was fun!