Monday, February 6, 2012

Music Monday!

Today is the first official installment of Music Mondays!

I've been pondering and thinking and pondering some more about who/what I should write about first.

I kid you not when I say my love of music is very far reaching.  Seriously, I love just about any kind of music.

But I guess if you had to press me, my favorite kind of music would be "LIVE" music.  There's just something about going to a concert or even a small gathering and listening to a live band.

I've been blessed to see a couple of legends live, like B.B. King and George Jones.  I've also seen Bon Jovi, Willie Nelson, The Judds (I was even called to be on stage w/ the Judds), Martina McBride (gosh, this is A LOT of country artists), my buddy Jason Bozik (who I'll be featuring NEXT Monday), Sister Hazel, Drivin' & Cryin', Charlie Daniels Band, and so on and so on...

But one live performance by Kirsten Underwood just totally took me by surprise.

I'd heard her sing a few times in church and each time is just really awesome.

Then put her on a stage, with a band and an audience and I was just blown away.

Such amazing stage presence at such a young age.  (when I first saw her perform, I think she was only 19)

But really, she blew me away!  She owns the stage and sings effortlessly, conveying all her emotions in a way even Idol judges would have nothing to complain about.

And she's such a good person too.  Like, genuine and personable and bubbly and cool.

The State of Georgia loves her too.  She's won many awards and she was selected to the Top 12 for the 2011 Georgia Country Female Artist of the Year.

I may be a little biased, her Momma is one of my good friends and I love Ms. Natalie with all my heart.

So, lets get down to it shall we??

Here's two of the many videos where you'll find Kirsten performing live.

So..  make sure you check her out at her website:

and her FACEBOOK

and of course, go to youtube, type in her name and all kinds of great live performances will come up.

OH YEAH, she's starting her own radio show today!  She'll be interviewing local artists and you can catch it online today from 10am-2pm est at WTIF.  The link to listen in is HERE.

She's a great girl and no matter what she does in life, she'll be successful.

Oh yeah!  Want a free song??  KLove has a new free download.  Check it out HERE!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!


steph said...

I've never heard of her but I'll check her out!

Becky said...

thanks for reminding me of K-love's new song...

I have to say Danny is my favorite artist.. And I was thinking about it when "The Voice" came on last night... If he would have went for his auditon back in August he could have been on there last night/tonight..

But he didn't.. And that's ok...

Cause a guy from our church band is!! Should be on there tonight.. So if you watch "the voice" be looking for Austin French.. He's a good kid and a good role model.. Ryan loves him

Jenn said...

I also love to go to concerts, there is just something about seeing a band perform live that is so much better than watching a video or listening to an album! I've seen a lot of bands in concert, but my favorite is Blink-182. They always give an amazing performance!

Amber said...


I mainly listen to oldies.

Jodi Evans said...

I love to hear Danny sing too. I wish he would have auditioned!

I heard about Austin. He's a good friend of Kirsten's. I didn't watch the show last night, I hope he did well!

Jodi Evans said...

Thanks! I'm hoping to convince her to get back into performing more! :)

Jodi Evans said...

I've never seen Blink-182 live. I bet they are just a ball full of energy!! :)

Jodi Evans said...

I like oldies too. And musicals... and... well.. just about everything. :)

Becky said...

He wasn't on there :(
Supposed to be 2 more episodes of blind auditions and he will be on 1 of them.. Not sure which one though