Friday, February 25, 2011

Buck Up!

Ever really want something and know you COULD have it, but you have to say "no" for whatever reason? 

Yep...  going through that right now. 

But it will be okay. 

Haven't been feeling my best lately, so the etsy store has been put on hold.  I had planned, w/out planning, to work on my pendants over the weekend... 

but two of my neighbors decided to BURN their yard debris. 

So instead of painting...  instead of cleaning...  I laid on the couch w/ a sore throat, sinus headache and puffy face.  OH, and I couldn't run the AC (even though it was pretty toasty in the house) b/c that would have just pulled MORE smoke into the house.  (we have an old unit and need to replace the filter)

I don't yearn for my younger days so I can relive my "carefree, party" years.  I yearn for my younger days because back then, I had NO allergies....

I did get a painting finished to be auctioned for the Ronald McDonald House.  BUT forgot to take a picture of the finished product. 

This is what it looked like b/4 I added the last layer:

Soccer is going great.  Undefeated in Varsity and JV.  Christen started in the first Varsity Region game and had 7 saves in the 1st half. 

She played w/ JV last night.  two goals got by her...  but they were high and in the corner.  she would have had to grow about 3inches to get to them....  sorry for not having any action shots of Christen.  She plays mostly at night and I've yet to find a suitable setting on my camera for that.  We do have video of her, but I'm not sure how to upload that yet....

I was also reminded why I really HATE Christen being a GK...  she got kicked in the face....  intentionally...
we have it on camera....  Here's a great soccer rule to remember....  if the GK has the ball in their HANDS, you CAN'T kick the ball...  it's off limits.  Apparently, this girl didn't get the memo. 

Thanks be to God, Christen wasn't hurt.  My baby has a hard head.  I was VERY proud of her b/c when she got up off the ground, she didn't say anything to that other girl.  The ref was blocking her, but I don't think or believe she would have said anything to that other girl though. 

I however, came unglued.  I do not say much during the games.  For two reasons: for the most part, I have no clue what's going on and I don't want to be "that" parent.  You know, the ones that yell at every little thing. 

But last night...  I actually yelled...  at the ref....  and the girl...  they can't hear me of course.  The girl deserved at the VERY least a yellow card or to be sat out for a period of time, but neither was done.  I was very upset. 

Christen though...  it just got her fired up.  She played her best.  She kept her Christian colors shining.  I need to take notes from her apparently.  She surely makes her Mama proud. 

OH!  and I got to love on THE cutest baby born since July 1994 yesterday.  I just wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home w/ me... 


Irritable Mother said...

Yay, Christen!
That's the main reason I fear my kids playing sports. I don't know how I would handle seeing them get hurt. Stay strong, Jodi! *grin*

Marie said...

I'm glad Christen was all right. I don't know her, but I'm proud of her too for being an admirable sportswoman.

Amy said...

I love that daisy picture!! They have always been one of my favorite flowers!