Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To the Parade We Went

A town in my county had it's annual Pepper Festival Parade on Saturday. Afterward, there were many vendors to check out and there were activities for kids to enjoy. The only problem? It was H~O~T, HOT!! We did not stay long but we made it through the parade, watching intently for the cutest parade participant!

That's my niece, she the one waving her right hand and clutching her wand and water bottle in her left hand. As she walked away with her school's float, I noticed how much she's grown. She's becoming a young lady more and more every day. Jeez... makes me a little sad.

We saw a lot of cool things in the parade:

Yep, that's a patriotic Spider Man! This guy was my P.E. coach in middle school and Christen's P.E. Coach in 5th & 6th grade. He still looks young and loves doing crazy stuff like this. He also has a Captain America suit.

There were antique tractors aplenty in this parade. I decided to post my favorite. I love the color!

Not quite sure who put this float together, but the cute kids and the "God's Promise" made it an awesome float.

This is the balloon that waved above the God's Promise float.

Yes, that's a deer head and two bass fish mounted on driftwood. My husband actually used this company to mount his bass that he caught a few years ago. You know you're in South GA when......

No parade is complete without the local high school band!

I'm NOT a fan of clowns. They creep me out. I was so happy she was driving instead of out and about doing..... clown things...

Another, you know you're in South GA when.... moment.

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Irritable Mother said...

Clowns creep you out? Really?
We had a wonderful clown at our Grandparents' Day celebration last weekend. She made awesome balloon animals and everyone loved her. Nothing creepy about that one! *grin*